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Adele Mundy

//I haven’t opened the Armoury, I’m still working on the cell. We can wait for GM response, and meanwhile outline what we are planning to do in order to open the Armoury.
Mundy’s intention is: to open this cell door first so that people can help whoever is in there (the cell door is closer to the ramp to the lift and exit than the armoury is, so she doesn’t want a possible counter-attack by the guards to leave the cell, with its prisoner(s?) and potential bargaining chip, behind their line of fire);
to go to the armoury door and work on opening that;
to get some weapons.

Looks at Blaze in disbelief
Really? Ew…

//just because we’re busy trying not to die doesn’t mean we can’t talk to each other, right? Spirited banter takes zero combat turns, right? 😉