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@mundy Placing the datapad next to the console, the Translation Matrix activates and the Kralien keyboard is replaced with a standard human interface. Using a security bypass algorithm, you gain access again and the console reveals several options:
Internal Communications
Cell Operational Controls
Mainframe Access

Punching in some commands, you manage to access the main computer. Access to security systems is heavily encrypted. As you continue searching, you find a map of the facility in which you are located. Your cell is one of four, located opposite one-another along an access corridor. The adjecent block reads as empty and so does the one directly across the corridor. The third, opposite the adjacent cell reads as being active.

Zooming out, the map shows additional detail of your location. At the end of the corridor, a ramp rises to the main entrance. A guard post is on the other side of the main door, and the corridor leads directly away. It splits at a T junction, a corridor left leading to what looks like a small barracks and an armoury, the corridor right leading towards a small quarters. The right corridor continues and beyond the small quarters, there are multiple other rooms and finally at the end, a single lift shaft. It would seem the facility you are in is located underground.

You attempt to zoom out more but suddenly security protocols activate, immediately locking down the console.

All of a sudden, the door snaps open. There is a flurry of clicking noises, recognisable as Kralien speech, and weapons fire lashes into the cell, illuminating the gloom with each bolt and slamming into the wall panelling. A shot stikes the panel held by Aramond, knocking him to the ground. You smell burned plastic and metal as fire continues to pour in.