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//Picking this up again to see if we can use it to come up with more stuff for the Toolbox. Keep an eye out for new entries that might help you: Toolbox

You look at the console, that is entirely in Kralien script. You recognise some words from your training – forcefield, power level, alert, communications, input – there is also a display of a kralien ‘keyboard’ interface. You recognise many of the symbols, and are able to input basic commands to the system.

Under the console you notice a small device, similar to the datapads used on TSN ships, as well as a standard Kralien energy weapon attached to the inside hollow of the console.

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On the floor of Mundy’s cell, you find a shard of the plastic about the same size as a standard combat knife. It has a long sharp end and tapers to a point at the top. Gripping it too tight will most definately cut your hand. There are also larger sections of panel that you removed earlier, though these are more or less intact.