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Needs a more um, distinct beginning and ending? I could certainly tell the weariness going on at the end.

Mostly it sounded like a Q&A for ONI, with only you knowing parts of the answers. (Hence your weariness?) It does show a need for more information (weekly report?) from ONI to the division in general, or at least senior officers, (Captains to LtCdrs) to then pass down to their crews.

There were some damn good ideas and questions though. But also many assumptions from everyone and patting each other on the back for ‘destroying’ things. Too aggressive perhaps? Still, they were good ones and I reckon ONI could use more feedback like this, instead of keeping crews in the dark about each other and the larger picture.

I did like the fact that it felt like people are getting in the loop, so-to-speak about the game beyond the mere duty shift. All-in-all I got was ‘how do we destroy more in-game?’~ It seemed like you had to make heaps of your answers on the fly…not easy, or viable in the long run. Especially since it sounded like you had to make excuses as to why something wasn’t being done or working? (Again one tired person answering in-depth questions they don’t have exact knowledge of, is not easy.)

Anywho, for a first dry run, this was good to listen to as a player. I did feel sorry for you by the end though. Trampled by unexpected ideas is never fun eh.
Told you some writing prep and/or format structure might be needed in advance.
1.) Start and present the current topic(s) of discussion.
2.) List current known ‘theories’ and factual events from ONI (or wherever).
3.) Get questions from the officers.
4.) Answer what you can, and don’t be afraid to say: We don’t know at this time. (It’s heaps better than saying No, or turning things down.)
5.) Form ideas from the questions, with the officers.
6.) Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 as needed and/or mix the order.
6.) Review and conclude the discussion.

Meh, all of this is easier said then done eh, lol. Again though, I liked listening to it and I’m sure those in the discussion are now craving more information and follow-ups. This is a good thing.