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Leonard Hall

Alright, let’s dig into this.

– Star Trek-esque meetings.
That’s kind of the structure that makes for a good base but of course we need to put our own flair on it and/or incorporate elements from other styles of sci-fi doctrines as well.

– Is everyone ready and/or capable of doing an unscripted RP meeting?
No, of course not. Issues do come up that demand OOC, and some people are simply incapable of fully immersing themselves within a roleplay setting. But between those of us who are, this could be a chance to get more canon out and help refine it. We can bring in notes or topic points for a discussion or event but it should be somewhat free within the bounds of our characters. While ONI scripts certain dialogue from external characters ( like the newscasts) the mission briefings tend to be done on the spot unless the mission demands a certain briefing script, and even then CO questions mix up the flow a bit.

This response has been paid for by the TSN propaganda division. Pay no heed to this disclaimer while you are reading this document or let this interrupt your reading, if it benefits our country.

– Where will these discussion sessions go?
My idea was to put them in the Data Stream or COMMNET as they would fit.

– Room styles?
I’d defer to the links on
for what I think is the kind of rooms and styles the TSN uses (or should use at any rate).


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