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Wow, I would have loved to have read some of those logs of yours Verok. Please, if you feel like starting it back up, (or even re-hashing some of your older logs?) do so.

Spot on with what you’re saying about character development or some minor role-play. (All without interfering with Saturdays fun.)
That’s the kind of stuff I’m hoping others will pick up. Even if it’s just a paragraph or two, just something that let’s the player explore the character, and add some dimension to this little community. Funny, serious, light hearted or whatever.
It’s also just a fun little way to re-cap what you might have perceived after or in-between the last duty shift. Not to mention it’s also a good record keeper for any (in)famous events.
I plan on doing a log once a week myself. And short stories for when something major happens in the game’s storyline, like the shift before last.

I’d be interested to read what someone who did the three ship mission saw….as the Hydra did a simulation. So myself (the player) and my character have 0 idea what went on.
Unless someone writes and/or logs about it?