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    This discussion has sparked a lot of ideas in my mind. With some of the questions thrown up and ideas discussed, it has had me thinking about all aspects of life as a citizen of the USFP, as well as serving as a TSN officer. I have a whole host of canon stuff to share and post and an idea about people writing and posting.

    I might consider opening up a new ‘department’ different from ONI (which is mainly focused on developing missions and stories on the military side of things). I think it should be possible for people to write posts, outside of a forum, and put them up on the site for others to read. I am thinking along the lines of your short stories that you mentioned Solari.

    The way it would work is that you’d be able to write something up to post, mark it complete and ready for moderation (making sure it isn’t saying stuff that counters the canon, is offensive, check of typing errors etc.) then it would be confirmed and published.

    I am also thinking there could be reference pages specifically for those who are writing so they have something to go off, for example what life outside the TSN is like, what kind of cities you find on planets, alien species etc. Some of this would go on to the main site for general interest, but other bits that don’t quite fit (like what life in the USFP is like) would go there. Anything not there could be referenced with links for easy access. I think the best way to have those reference pages written would be OOC to make them easier to construct, and they likely would only be known to/ used by this new ‘writing department’.

    People who actively write on a more regupar basis would be within that department and as an individual writes more and their work becomes consistent, there would be less need to moderate their writing. Eventually, it would result in those who are part of that department for a long period of time to become moderators themselves.

    In addition, I could set up a specific private forum for those members to ask questions or make suggestions to further deepen the canon. Of coure, other sources would still be drawn upon, such as ONI and this development forum.

    Discussions and suggestions that spark ideas like this are exactly what this forum was created for though. Continue to share your thoughts on this!

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    Leonard Hall

    So a true “canon development department”. It would definitely be useful, not to mention take a little load off everyone in regards to canon ambiguity. The question though is how we’ll implement it ICly as a proper department within the TSN.

    Also here’s your snobby typo correction for the day.
    “regupar” — regular

    –LTJG Hall, ONI


    Well, if you’re going to make stories and non-game fluff into a department, then it’s pretty easy. But the choices can be varied.

    Even real life militaries have a ‘Public Relations’ department. Not to mention all the nuances like a ‘Diplomatic Corps’ or ‘Administration’, which includes so many record keepers. (Reports and personnel files have to go somewhere and someone has to maintain it all and make it available for retrieval/display.)
    Or something generically internal, like a ‘TSN Affairs’.

    If you wish to encompass more then the TSN, and cultures, just open the ‘USFP Embassy’ Although that might be more Ambassadors from other groups relations, as well as our own USFP fiction. You could even have a complete ‘Naval Library’ section just for the stories.
    *shrugs* Point is, there’s really so much you can do; just know what the goal is an don’t overlap much.


    Here is a summary of the different departments, including the new Canon department.

    O.N.I – missions and story arcs – the military story side of things like deployment of forces, reasons for doing missions, conflicts, information about ships etc.

    R&D – coding and designing – the ‘real’ side of things such as writing mission scripts, developing the TSN mod, designing new ship types (including those requested by ONI) etc.

    Canon Department (working title) – developing the canon and universe – the place to develop the fictional universe, particularly on a more personal level. A place to read about what life is like on a ship, what a person might experience, and a place for people to write stories or personal logs about living in the TSN universe.

    Of course, there is a cross over between each department, and a requirement for them to work closely together, each department just has a slightly different focus. Where R&D may design and create a new ship type (class, armament, hull configuration etc), ONI would decide on the deployment history or the backstory (why the TSN created it, where it was manufactured, whether it is a new experimental ship or something that has been in service for several years etc), and the Canon department might write about what it is like walking around the ship/ living there, and about serving aboard it.



    This is the place to find the new TSN Logs. It can be found in a custom menu in the sidebar on the right hand side of the site (under the heading “Data Stream”) You’ll notice that there is a link to “Short Stories” too, which hopefully will be stories written by members of the department about the universe.

    If anyone is interested in joining, just send me a message!


    I’m just catching up to some of these threads, as I’m a bit behind on my comm net posts, but I really like what direction this thread is taking. I took a stab at some writing on the main forums a while back, writing engineering officer logs during the repairs/refit of the Falcon (a long time ago). It was a lot of fun adding that level of roleplay to the game, and also added some background development for our characters.

    Picking up on something that was posted earlier in this thread though…there was mention of the “look and feel” of TSN ships, and what life aboard those ships was like. I remember a lot of very fun conversation aboard the Hunter where we talked about various aspects of the ship, like how my engineer’s office kept getting repurposed because we didn’t have any spare room, and how the gravity plating kept malfunctioning in the officer’s restrooms (the reverse-flushing toilet). I really wish now that we had documented some of this, because we really came up with some great descriptions of particular rooms in the ship.

    Also, I’m sure at least some of you have seen the bridge “set” that I built for Armada. I took a stab at making LCARS-looking bridge stations with touch screens and indicator lights, but I tried to make it have a distinct TSN “look” to it (the triangular TSN logo, standardized fonts, terminology, colors used, etc.). Gabriel Wade and I spent a lot of time thinking about what we thought all of this should look like, and even matched our uniforms to that style. If there’s any interest in maybe “adopting” it, I think that would be really interesting to have a “real” standard to work from when writing the canon that goes along with all of this. Plus, I’m planning some additions to my setup and will stick with that style as I go.


    The canon department is now set up and there is some information on various aspects including a description of the bridge. At the moment, the information is not accessible to everyone to allow for some changes to the initial ideas. Eventually it will be added to the site on some form or other.


    Wow, I would have loved to have read some of those logs of yours Verok. Please, if you feel like starting it back up, (or even re-hashing some of your older logs?) do so.

    Spot on with what you’re saying about character development or some minor role-play. (All without interfering with Saturdays fun.)
    That’s the kind of stuff I’m hoping others will pick up. Even if it’s just a paragraph or two, just something that let’s the player explore the character, and add some dimension to this little community. Funny, serious, light hearted or whatever.
    It’s also just a fun little way to re-cap what you might have perceived after or in-between the last duty shift. Not to mention it’s also a good record keeper for any (in)famous events.
    I plan on doing a log once a week myself. And short stories for when something major happens in the game’s storyline, like the shift before last.

    I’d be interested to read what someone who did the three ship mission saw….as the Hydra did a simulation. So myself (the player) and my character have 0 idea what went on.
    Unless someone writes and/or logs about it?


    Luckily I posted these to both the main Artemis forums as well as our old site, so they still exist. I re-read these…I guess I had a creative streak going on, it was kind of a fun read…

    I actually tied my storyline into the posts from the Asimov, so I think the continuity worked really well, telling the story from multiple perspectives.

    They’re in date order, starting with the first in the series:




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