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I’m just catching up to some of these threads, as I’m a bit behind on my comm net posts, but I really like what direction this thread is taking. I took a stab at some writing on the main forums a while back, writing engineering officer logs during the repairs/refit of the Falcon (a long time ago). It was a lot of fun adding that level of roleplay to the game, and also added some background development for our characters.

Picking up on something that was posted earlier in this thread though…there was mention of the “look and feel” of TSN ships, and what life aboard those ships was like. I remember a lot of very fun conversation aboard the Hunter where we talked about various aspects of the ship, like how my engineer’s office kept getting repurposed because we didn’t have any spare room, and how the gravity plating kept malfunctioning in the officer’s restrooms (the reverse-flushing toilet). I really wish now that we had documented some of this, because we really came up with some great descriptions of particular rooms in the ship.

Also, I’m sure at least some of you have seen the bridge “set” that I built for Armada. I took a stab at making LCARS-looking bridge stations with touch screens and indicator lights, but I tried to make it have a distinct TSN “look” to it (the triangular TSN logo, standardized fonts, terminology, colors used, etc.). Gabriel Wade and I spent a lot of time thinking about what we thought all of this should look like, and even matched our uniforms to that style. If there’s any interest in maybe “adopting” it, I think that would be really interesting to have a “real” standard to work from when writing the canon that goes along with all of this. Plus, I’m planning some additions to my setup and will stick with that style as I go.