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//lol, you are right Mundy… I have a lot to learn! I can see how all the stuff invented by the player can be put to use by the GM. I suppose it depends on the stuff you (as DM) have planned out. And I guess the DM could stop it from happening in some manner or other depending on how they want it to play out for the characters. The DM must still have a story they want to guide you through. would they not?

//I suppose though, that playing face to face means the GM can intervene at an appropriate time, or give some indication that you can proceed with your line of thought. Here, that is more challenging as responses are not as instant as they would be face to face. In just a few minutes, there was a whole host of ideas and actions starting up that it could take a GM hours to see or respond to (or other players for that matter). How do we balance that out? Is it really an issue, or does the GM just react/ act in a way that guides the story?