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//There are lots of possibilities that I have planned out for Turnez and who he is. Edwards was another character that was pretty standard,though he seems less use being a CWO (though he could provide a great connection to NCOs and servicing personnel, who probably know more than any officer!). Last time you just annoyed him and he walked off.

There is also the marine officer I came up with too, but that one is on the back burner.

The thing is, you guys all invent informers who give you all sorts of information. I half wonder if I should put you all on trial for all the connections you have to the unakalhai or the illegal stuff you get up to… i wonder how much of that goes on in the real navy. It causes problems in that you dont have informers who are GMs passing you on information. So when you say, ‘I know a guy,’ it could actually be a GM playing some informant and feeding you the info. For example, if Turnez ever left, he could be one passing info on. Others could be too. It would be great for the person running the story arc and for stuff to bring to a fleet conference.