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// I would choose Aposine if he was available, but he does not haunt the fora.
ALso, excuse me saying so, sir, but I think Science is going to have their hands full without managing Comms as well. Mundy’s primary is in fact Comms. So I believe there is a role for her aboard. Plus, now that I know, it is only a matter of time before she knows about it. I will try my hardest not to think about it before we set out. No problem. I have been reading a lot about ancient Tibetan mental disciplines. I’m sure that will help enormously. I’m sure she wouldn’t be upset if we went without her. She would completely understand that little Horatio is beyond her power to redeem, to revenge or to terminate. Her efficiency as an officer for the rest of her career would be in no way compromised by your actions… Sirs.

Breathe Matsiyan breathe. I. Must. Not. Think. Of. Elephants!

It will be fine. She will never know a thing.