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Here is a summary of the different departments, including the new Canon department.

O.N.I – missions and story arcs – the military story side of things like deployment of forces, reasons for doing missions, conflicts, information about ships etc.

R&D – coding and designing – the ‘real’ side of things such as writing mission scripts, developing the TSN mod, designing new ship types (including those requested by ONI) etc.

Canon Department (working title) – developing the canon and universe – the place to develop the fictional universe, particularly on a more personal level. A place to read about what life is like on a ship, what a person might experience, and a place for people to write stories or personal logs about living in the TSN universe.

Of course, there is a cross over between each department, and a requirement for them to work closely together, each department just has a slightly different focus. Where R&D may design and create a new ship type (class, armament, hull configuration etc), ONI would decide on the deployment history or the backstory (why the TSN created it, where it was manufactured, whether it is a new experimental ship or something that has been in service for several years etc), and the Canon department might write about what it is like walking around the ship/ living there, and about serving aboard it.