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Well, if you’re going to make stories and non-game fluff into a department, then it’s pretty easy. But the choices can be varied.

Even real life militaries have a ‘Public Relations’ department. Not to mention all the nuances like a ‘Diplomatic Corps’ or ‘Administration’, which includes so many record keepers. (Reports and personnel files have to go somewhere and someone has to maintain it all and make it available for retrieval/display.)
Or something generically internal, like a ‘TSN Affairs’.

If you wish to encompass more then the TSN, and cultures, just open the ‘USFP Embassy’ Although that might be more Ambassadors from other groups relations, as well as our own USFP fiction. You could even have a complete ‘Naval Library’ section just for the stories.
*shrugs* Point is, there’s really so much you can do; just know what the goal is an don’t overlap much.