Kralien Light Cruisers

Standard Light Cruiser

The humble Kralien Light Cruiser is the mass-produced backbone of the Kralien Order’s space fleet. It is armed with two particle beam emitters facing front. Its shield generators are generally sub-standard, averaging around half the strength of the standard shields fitted to a TSN Light Cruiser. The ship also features highly inefficient maneuver drives and is one of the slowest craft in known space. For all of its shortcomings, however, the Kraliens field this ship en masse during their war efforts, using it to overwhelm enemy defenses through sheer numbers.This ship has the dubious distinction of being the single most numerous vessel in known space, and should not be underestimated when part of a sufficiently large Kralien or Hegemony wolf-pack.

Drone Cruiser

In a bid to make their war fleets more capable, the Kraliens have been known to field a variant of their Light Cruiser hull. This variant has been seen with enhanced shielding and weaponry, most notably the addition of a single drone launcher, more often than not procured from their Torgoth allies. The drone cruiser maintains a similar production rate to the Kraliens’ standard Cruiser, and weapons officers must be vigilant to shoot down any and all ordnance that this class of ship may hurl at TSN craft, as a group of these ships can put out a considerable number of drone torpedoes at minimal expense to the Kraliens. More ambitious Kralien officers have been known to ignore their standard cruiser chassis completely and instead field as many drone cruisers as they can acquire.