Kralien Dreadnaughts

The heaviest Kralien vessel fielded to date is the Kralien Dreadnought. Again it is armed with twin front particle beam emitters  with identical firing characteristics to the Battleship’s.The ship fits shields on par with heavier TSN Fleet Craft. In an unusual display of innovation from the Kraliens, it has additionally been armed with a heavy particle cannon in its rear arc. This Cannon can outrange standard beam weaponry although it fires slower than the ships forward beams. The only strange component of this weapon is the fact the Kraliens have decided to mount this heavy weapon facing aft, whilst its weaker main armament is facing forward. While still as sluggish and ultimately vulnerable alone as its lighter counterparts this dreadnought is perhaps the closest thing the Kralien fleet has to a truly credible threat against the TSN. Acting as the flagship of a wolf pack, this craft can act as a considerable weapon of war.