Kralien Crews

A crew aboard a Kralien ship consists of a number of different alien species, some native to the Kralien homeworld, some who are from the member races of the Kralien order. The species “station” within Kralien society determines the level of responsibility they are given and their role aboard a ship. The bridge crew and officers aboard a Kralien ship are all Kraliens, with the captain being an ordained priest in the Kralien order.

One of the species aboard a Kralien ship are the Rivarians – another insectoid race native to the Kralien homeworld. The Rivarians are employed almost as servants to the Kraliens. Around the same size as a small dog, the Rivarians have six legs, an oval shaped body covered in a fine downy fur and two “arms”. They are responsible for general maintenance aboard Kralien ships and scurry around repairing minor damage or cleaning the vessel. They have the ability to cling to walls using small hairs on their legs, similar to the way spiders are able to climb walls.

Kralien ships have some organic components within them. Throughout the ship, their energy network is made up of silk-like fibres which can transmit energy impulses. Webs of these fibres can glow in the right circumstances (e.g when sealed in a vacuum) and are often used to light Kralien vessels. These fibres are made by another species that are part of the Kralien order. A worm-like creature known as a Hran excretes the fibrous material. They are able to survive extreme environments, including the vacuum of space, and infact thrive in such an environment, possibly explaining why the fibres they produce are able to transmit higher levels of energy. The Hran spend most of their time crawling through the small passages of Kralien vessels, replacing and creating new networks as they excrete the fibres. Their bodies are similar to caterpillars on earth, with pincers located at one end which help to form and weave the fibres as they are excreted. They are similar in size to an average human arm.

Kralien ships themselves are made of composite materials synthesized from ores found throughout the galaxy in various systems. The process of synthesis is done in a different way to normal human made materials. The materials are grown, crystallising and creating tough materials of different types. The Kraliens combine different ores to create different materials that they use in the construction of their ships.

The numbers of aliens aboard a Kralien starship varies depending on the size of the ship. There are only around 10 to 12 Kraliens aboard a single cruiser size ship. On a single ship, there could be more than 100 Hrans and around 30 – 50 Rivarians. In addition, there might be around 60 other alien species working aboard a ship. Most of the alien species are actually able to survive the harshness of space due to their ability to enter a hibernating state, or simply due to their biological make up. For example, one species found in the wreckage of a Kralien ship was able to survive within its shell like exoskeleton. Similar to a snail shell, the creature had sealed the entrance to the shell, creating its own environment within its shell in which it could live. It was only detected due to the small amount of heat it produced. It was recovered after initial contact with Kralien forces, and scientists were fascinated when the creature was able to break the seal and was found to be alive.