Arvonian Strike Craft

Strike Craft form the backbone of the Arvonian armada.  Always manned due to their aversion to risking computers in the line of battle, Arvonian pilots are well trained, well equipped and battle hardened, in both dogfighting and bringing down capital ships many times the size of their fighters. Perhaps the one saving grace of Arvonian strike fighter designs is their need to refuel, due to their focus on absolute performance. Due to the general level of zeal of their fighter corps, Arvonian strike craft pilots can be expected never to surrender during combat. The best solution to Arvonian squadrons has generally been mine bombing tactics, as mine drops are easily controlled and the fusion warheads of current mines rip through all fighter armor. 

Arvonian Fighter

The main strike craft fielded by the Arvonians is their ubiquitous Fighter, commonly referenced by both sides of the USFP-Hegemony conflict as the standard by which all other strike craft are judged. These craft are armed with twin beam emitters, and while they are poorly shielded they are well armored against energy weapons.  They are blindingly maneuverable, capable of turning on a dime and picking away at our fleet assets. Direct combat between a squadron of Arvonian fighters has brought down many overconfident cruiser crews. 

Arvonian Bomber

The other strike craft we have seen fielded by the Arvonians is a form of bomber. These craft have similar performance statistics to the Arvonian fighter but trade the fighters twin beams for a single heavy beamer with a slightly smaller firing arc, and to field a single, short ranged guided ordnance launcher, something only recently seen integrated into the Arvonian order of battle. These bombers are capable of providing a potent alpha strike capability to the Arvonian strike corps, but it seems that public backlash against using autonomous drone technology in warfare has caused the Arvonians to shelve these craft for the foreseeable future.