Admiral Oliver Pace

Name Admiral O. Pace
Faction Terran Stellar Navy
Race Human

Background Information

Admiral Pace is a decorated TSN officer, currently assigned to Atlantis Command as part of the TSN Central Command team. He is a close friend of Admiral S. Coates, and a decorated war hero.

The ongoing war with the Hegemony has caused some to pursue alternative courses of action, and Pace is no different. Believing that the war is dragging on for too long, Pace took it upon himself to attempt to broker a peace deal with the Hegemony. As part of this peace deal, the TSN would withdraw from Neutral systems, leaving them to their fate. In return, the Hegemony would cease their hostile expansion towards USFP space.

Notable Appearances

Date Description
18722-2239 Admiral Pace appoints Commander Tuor to investigate the 4th Light Division’s actions in Loria.
2722-2239 Admiral Pace orders the immediate arrest of Fleet Captain Xavier Wise at Mria Command.