Name Unknown  /  Nickname: Mezzomorto (almost dead)
Faction Unknown
Race Human

Background Information

No one knows the exact background of Captain Mezzomorto. According to a legend, he proved himself as a petty thief and rose in the criminal world. In another story, he plunged himself into the obscurity of space to avenge his lost wife and children.  Another myth tells that he is a demon wandering in the vastness of space in search of unlimited power.  To some, he knows every corner of the Poseidon sector by heart; to others, he is a determined captain who survives by plunging into the event horizon of the most powerful black holes. The only thing that is known for sure is the fact that he is someone who would do anything crazy for his crew and ship. His subordinates are like his sons, and to his men, Mezzomorto is a powerful father figure. 

In light of all this, the Mezzomorto pirates are the scariest family in the industry. Mezzomorto’s ship, the Crooked Star, has high boarding ability. At the same time, hackers and their technicians can cause damage by crashing even the most protected ship systems. Few people live to describe Mezzomorto’s distorted accent and raspy calm voice that terrifies his enemies.

Notable Appearances

Date Description
5322-2239 After TSN had learnt that pirate factions were merging under a mysterious figure, 4 LD got a message from the Worshipers of the Void priestess regarding stories about a pirate leader called: Mezzomorto.
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12322-2239 This was the first face-to-face encounter with Mezzomorto and his ship Crooked Star.
4LD has destroyed a hidden pirate base and then Mezzomorto jumped onto us to interfere.
With his high tech, jump capable ship he managed to single out and deal damage to the ships of 4LD.

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19322-2239 Crooked Star and its reinforcements engaged 4LD around G’torin Gate. This resulted in the destruction of TSN Lancer.
19322-2239 Captain Mezzomorto and his number one lieutenant Captain Jinx took a Luxury Liner and a Civilian Transport hostage. 
Mezzomorto wanted 4LD to choose and save one ship and it resulted in the destruction of a Luxury Liner. 
Total casualties were 235 passengers from various races.

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