Admiral Coates

Name Admiral S. Coates
Faction Terran Stellar Navy
Race Human

Background Information

Admiral Samuel Coates is the commander of the TSN 2nd Fleet and is part of the Terrain Stellar Navy’s Central Command.

Coates joined the Terrain Stellar Navy in 2200, following in the footsteps of his grandparents who had fought during the first Torgoth Invasion. He advanced steadily through the ranks, taking command of his first ship in 2208.

In 2212, Coates was given a field promotion to Division Commander after the destruction of the Veritable during intense fighting with Unakalhai forces. During numerous engagements, he proved himself to be a expert at strategic thinking, and lead his division in several key counter attacks. His promotion was made official on the eve of the First Spiral Arm war, and Coates served with distinction, leading his division in several pivotal actions during the war.

Admiral Coates joined the TSN Command team soon after the First Spiral Arm War, and was appointed commander of the 2nd Fleet. He continues to serve in this position to the present day.

Notable Appearances

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