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    Fish Evans

    Hello everyone,

    There are a few upcoming plots and mission ideas that would benefit from having a live person playing a role during a mission. We have done this on a few occasions in the past and whilst it does mean that the individual playing the role will miss out on some game time it does provide an opportunity to enhance the Role play for everyone and perhaps have a bit of fun at senior officers expense… If any one is willing to help out in this regard, and most importantly maintain charector and not disrupt proceedings in the proccess please respond here. or if you are shy PM me or one of the other Intel officers.

    It is not necessary to have a voice changer or to “put on” a funny voice, we value being able to understand our VIP’s and Senior officers and hope that people who do guess the identity will go along with the spirit of the thing (being a smart ass about RP within a shift is grounds for delayed promotion! and of course helping out the community is a way to get noticed for awards and rank.).

    Past Examples of Roles:

    Felix August, USFP Ambassador that got to threaten and shout at Xavior when Xavior had secret orders to go off mission.

    Commodore Alfread Baster SSB Special Agent who investigated all the ships captains over misdemeanors and helped provide plot to Captain Corwin going rouge with the TSN Guardian.

    Major Mallory, Marine Commander who has helped us take over stations, sabotage Enemy Jump gates etc.

    Fleet Admiral Banks. Supreme commander of all USFP Forces during the war and current head of the TSN. (due to retire)


    Sounds like a ton of fun and challenges!
    I’m interrested, sign me up!


    If it involves over-comedic accents then I can contribute. TSN Hunter crew can provide references if needed.

    Expree | Sci

    I can also contribute. I tend to be overly serious and dramatic when roleplaying outside of my normal role, as you know. (See the pirate incursion for example.)

    I would wish to use a minor voice changing effect. It would be too weird for me to pretend to be someone else with my EXACT same voice.


    By means of using a program or just altering dialect? Try carribean pirate: Arrrr, TSN Hunter, surrender yer grogs or ye’ll get me full port blazing yer afts!


    Soviet Commander Expree: http://picosong.com/jrPN/


    I am definitely up for this.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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