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    Rodger Wilcon

    I have been playing Artemis for a few years, and I have finally stumbled upon this site while searching for the TSN standard uniform to go along with a station patch I won at a convention. And now that I’ve joined I have found a blank space in the development cycle, there is no standard uniform.

    Here’s my idea for the standard uniform, I’m including observation from the wearer, so this would describe the actual body area from the wearers point of view.

    The uniform is a one piece, jumpsuit-like piece of clothing. It is grey from the pants up to about a half an inch below the bottom of the seam connecting the arms and body of the uniform. Above this point the uniform changes color, either corresponding to the ship they are stationed at, their rank, or their station on a ship (helm, comm, weapons, captain, etc.)(I would like to know which one of these would be most accurate or appealing). The sleeves would be the same color as the top of the uniform, or they might become grey again at the approximate line the grey starts on the uniform, when standing a attention.
    The right sleeve would show the station patch, possibly with the TSN Curved Text Patch above it.
    The left sleeve would show the ship insignia or patch.
    The right breast area would display a name patch or pin, and possibly a Artemis A patch.
    The left breast area would display the fleet and division patch.
    The collar of the uniform would display the rank tabs of pins. The collar is vertical with a v cutout at front of the uniform, with the rank tabs or pins bordering the cutout.

    Corection, I just found a suggested uniform for the TSN Lancer I believe this type of uniform would not be practical in standard operations.
    If anybody has any suggestions for edits to my idea for standard uniform please reply. I would love to see any replies to this.

    Most of the patches come from this page.

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    Hello Mr. Wilcon,

    We have a uniform that we have been refining for the past few years. I’m not sure if it is mention here on the site and I would be happy to show what we have if you would like.


    Lieutenant Commander Zelreich

    P.S. That uniform for the TSN Lancer is obviously a joke and does not conform to TSN Uniform Code.


    TSN standard uniform is “<name> | [Hlm|Wea|Eng|Sci|Com|Command]”


    There are pictures of people in mock-ups of the uniform as well as the original uniform documents. Gabrial Wade came up with the final mock up I think. If a picture could be posted, that would be great. As for the website, I could look at updating some of the information. Either that or we add a new reference to the TSN Encyclopedia @matsiyan.


    I hope @gabrielwade won’t mind me sharing, but here’s a document he made up to guide us in putting our cosplay uniforms together for Armada last year. It was a shirt from the internet that we ironed patches onto, with magnetic rank insignia that Verok 3D printed. I know it was tossed out there to try something new this year, but I don’t think it was fleshed out yet. Here’s a picture of how it turned out.

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    Rodger Wilcon

    Thank you sirs, I would like to know what the standard uniform is for TSN.
    //I actually wanted to know what the uniform should be for a costume I was planning on creating. Should I try to delete or edit my post?

    Rodger Wilcon

    //Is there a possibility of an admin deleting of modifying my post, crossing out my idea for the uniform? That would be great, I think.


    // Every different group evolve their own uniform specific to their needs and abilities. It is common for a crew to develop a uniform for a convention event such as the one Wade organized for his bridge for Armada, or the Phoenix ComiCon group do for their Starship Academy.

    It is cool to hear or see different ideas on what combination of practicality and design people come up with.


    // @quinn Thank you for the photo! They came out really well. Nice work!

    Jemel Eahain

    oooo quinn do you have a link for buying the shirt ?

    John van Leigh

    //TBH, we have uniform discussions since 2013, when we didn’t even have this website. It’s fun to read everyone’s take on it, but i’m happier to see none has been made official.

    //We don’t really need uniforms through TeamSpeak, and by picking any we’ll be limiting the choice of various different groups that can play in person.

    Gabriel Wade

    Hey all! I can link you where to get the shirt and even post the guide for how to put it together. I’d have to tweak a thing or two because essentially I had to customize each uniform “packet” for each member going to Armada, but I can do that for whoever needs it. 🙂 And as far as doing something different for Armada this year, that was to accommodate certain members that won’t be going this year, so I’d honestly prefer to keep the same uniforms/design from last year. I really liked the way they turned out and I feel like they were a good style with ease of wear, lightness/temperature and comfort. I’ll post more pics and the link to the guide shortly.

    Gabriel Wade

    this is the final concept and essentially how the finished uniforms came out.TSN Uniforms Final Concept


    A link to the shirt would be appreciated!

    Rodger Wilcon

    Thank you all for the input, its good to know that the uniform can be different in between crews and ships.

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