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    If you’d like to make a suggestion about the mod and its development, please post below. All ideas will be read, and we will be in touch if we need a few more details or have any questions about your idea.

    Please keep suggestions and ideas constructive.

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    I’d like to suggest we keep the increased toughness of TSN and Unukalhai ships as tried in S9. It makes them more believable as competent combatants. However, the GM team need to recognize they must be used in smaller numbers. Perhaps modify the fleet spawns. Do we want to introduce equivalents of the Thraex, Secutor, Sagittarius and Samnite as NPC Unukalhai? They should be renamed as demon types.

    Also NPC station shields should be increased as in S9 otherwise they fold too quickly. TSN stations should not be strengthened much if we want to keep them as vulnerable targets, but note Unukalhai would be very dangerous to stations in that case. Also N’tani shieldbusters.

    Weapons platforms seem a very good alternative to mines for hostile bases. Do we need some variations in model? Some with carrier bays and others specializing in long beams or drones?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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