TSN Hydra CM-008

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    Before knowing your enemy you should know yourself; so I had a closer look at our (if you don’t mind sharing her, Cpt Alice?) girl’s specs. She’s a Mk 2 Missile Cruiser.

    Shields are 85 front and 60 rear, as compared to a Light Cruiser’s 80/80.
    Energy efficiency is 0.8, that’s on par with a Dreadnought.
    Top speed equals that of an Dreadnought as well but with a slightly better turn ratio equaling a Battlecruiser.
    She has a 288° bow-mounted point defense beam with a range of 1800, only capable of taking out drones. Damage to shields and hull is negligible as well as for taking out subsystem.
    She has four torpedo tubes and can hold 45 homings, 6 nukes, 8 mines and 12 EMP’s.

    For comparison to the Mk 1 CM which has 110/80 shields, energy efficiency, speed and turnrate comparable to a CL, no beam whatsoever and rearranged storage capability able to bring 20 homings, 8 nukes, 14 mines and 12 EMP’s.

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