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    Jemel Eahain

    I’m pleased to report the award system is back online,

    On your Personal comms/profile page you will have a tab called Achievements, on this page all the awards you have gained with the TSN will be displayed.

    You can find all the details on the revised Award system *Here*

    A new addition to the Award system is the ability for any officer to nominate a fellow officer for an award using the award nomination form found in the 4th division library or *here*

    You will need to give detailed information about why the recipient is deserving of such an award, where and when the events happened, on what vessel and who was the commanding officer was at the time.
    This information will be presented to the senior staff for review and awards (if granted) will be handed out at the end of each month.

    There is also a part of the form that can be used to put yourself forward for certain awards if you think you have been missed, ie campaign ribbons or department ribbons


    What about ensign exam pins? I’m eligible for silver.

    Jemel Eahain

    i have awarded that now fulvus sorry for the delay

    Jemel Eahain

    An update for you guys,
    Im currently waiting on the command staff dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the last couple of details regarding the next issuing of awards.

    But in the meantime, Since we have just finished a tour in the Euphini Expanse its an ideal time to put forward nominations for awards,
    so cast your minds back through the missions you have taken part in over the last couple of months, think about who has went above and beyond, who might be head and shoulders above the crowd in there specialty, who has demonstrated exceptionally meritorious service.

    links to details on the awards and the nomination form are on the first post


    Is there an award for high spirits and creativeness, or for being the Jester of the Campaign? Or could you assign someone as Division Chaplain?
    If so I nominate Flashheart, for on several occasions bringing us all kinds of creative, amusing bits of music, musicvideos and poetry.
    E.g. his latest work:

    There once was a man named Fulvus,
    Who never explained what he told us,
    So we went to the bar and then stole Expree’s car,
    Now we’re locked in the brig with a walrus.

    He’s brilliant as a star, radiating joy!

    Mike Durn

    I’m liking the new awards system however would be good to see more medals available covering a range of things like being an ONI member you could achieve a medal for outstanding intelligence work etc.

    Jemel Eahain

    Officers of the 4th light division,
    Im pleased to announce we will have a commodore with us from central command to hand out medals in a small ceremony during the next duty shift (4/7/2015)

    so this is your best chance to nominate your fellow officers and make sure they receive the awards and recognition they deserve.

    you can find the nomination form on the first post of this thread or in the division library or *Here*
    you can also find info on the criteria for awards in the first post and the division library or *Here*

    some examples-

    an officer has shows great knowledge or potential in there chosen field of expertise – an achievement ribbon may be suitable

    an officer shows great leadership or suggests a course of action that results in getting out of a tricky or difficult situation – a bronze or silver star may be suitable depending on the situation

    an officer shows great leadership or suggests a course of action that results in a victory against overwhelming odds – a bronze or silver star may be suitable depending on the situation

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