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    Zac Turnez

    Leading his team onto the asteroid, Turnez scans the terrain ahead. Low, jagged rocks litter the crater where the transport dropped them. No more than 200m ahead is the edge, a slope leading gently to it before terminating at the base of a steep, rocky step several metres high. The shuttle behind them takes of swiftly as soon as all the marines are offloaded, and disappears silently into the darkness.

    Taking a knee, Turnez scans the rim of the crater looking for an exit point from the crater.

    Does Turnez see an easy way out of the crater?
    AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 40; Result – Yes

    Over there…Turnez points to a break in the rocky step where a gradual slope leads from the crater. Looks like the easiest way out.

    Sam, do you have a fix on our location? We need to figure out where we can enter this research base.

    Zac Turnez

    Glade, Wren,check out the edge of this crater. Take it easy – we’ll be operating in low g until we get to the base.

    Glade and Wren move out, bounding across the crater until they reach the easy slope.

    Is Sam able to report a fix on the location? AR – Above Average; DR – Average; Roll – 52; Result – Yes

    Is there an entrance to the base close by? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 33; Result – Yes

    Sam gains a fix on the teams position and forwards the data direct to Turnez’s datapad. Checking it carefully, Turnez pinpoints an entract to the base a few hundred metres beyond the crater edge.

    Great work! It looks like this entrance is out point of access to the base. We’ll move up and clear out any defences quickly. Its likely that there will only be automated defences to contend with. Lets go!

    Standing, Turnez begins moving slowly and carefully towards Wren and Glade. Both have taken up flanking positions at the top of the edge of the crater, either side of the gradual slope. Behind Turnez, the rest of the team follow, scanning the crater edge continually.

    Turnez know it is imperative to get into the base as soon as possible. Though their environmental suits protect them from the hazards of space, a single hit would be fatal.

    With the size of the base, it is likely that most of the defenses will be automated. We’ll have to make sure we deactive them as soon as possible, without triggering any alarms. We won’t be able to stay undetected for long, so every minute counts.

    Reaching Glade, Turnez pauses to survey the asteoid ahead.

    Zac Turnez

    Ahead of Turnez is a grey an desolate landscape, with small islands of jagged rocks breaking the pitted surface of the asteroid. A few hundred metres ahead, a Turnez sees a large, rocky face, in which an entrance to the research base can be seen. The installation itself is half buried into the asteroid base, the Kralien structure stretching the width of the horizon.

    Is there evidence of external automated defenses? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 5; Result – E.Yes

    Magnifying his helmet display, Turnez surveys the entrance. The airlock into the facility is set back into the rock, and defended on both sides with automated turrets. Across the top, Turnez can also see an gantry with Kralien surveillance equipment overlooking the plain. Ducking back behind the lip of the crater, Turnez takes a moment to review the images captured on his helmet cam.

    Looks like this is pretty well covered. If we try and attack this entry point, we’ll never get through.

    Sam, take a look through the sensor data we have. Were there any escape hatches or other entry points that we could use?

    Zac Turnez

    Is there an alternative entry point to the base? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 25; Result – Yes

    Is there an undefended entry point (e.g. an escape hatch) AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 6; Result – E. Yes

    Is it within sight of the team? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 85; Result – No

    Searching through the scan data, Turnez pinpoints several different possible entry points around the base. One highlights as an emergency hatch.

    Here. This looks like it might be our best point of entry. Its on the other side of the base though. We’ll have to take it steady and move around the perimeter. Glade, take point. We’ll bound from cover to cover until we reach the escape hatch.

    Lets get moving!

    Glade bounds ahead of the team, the rest of the marines forming pairs and moving steadily from cover to cover, keeping to the rocks to remain undetected.

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