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    Fish Evans

    Last DS we ran into a new unkown threat. We need a name for them several surgestions where made during the shift. but I would like people to put forwerad there names here along with any reasoning behind the name. Please also include any observations you made about the ships. Lt-Jr Hall will be publising a Report to the Command Net a little later.


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    Well I heard Reaper several times.
    The good Dr. commented that we didn’t have a ‘latin’ name for these unidentified beings. Messorem = Reaper. [edit: I meant Reaver, but the latin sucks for it; too long.]

    Or if you’d like to get very morbid and say, Reaper of Shadows. Because, they came from an artificial black hole! That would be: Messor Umbrae.
    Perhaps just shorten it all to the Messor. Kind of sounds like a mess, which is just what our first encounter with them has been.

    My 2 creds. That one requires some overthinking, so maybe someone can work from that, or come up with simpler ideas.

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    Leonard Hall

    The appropriate report has been filed to the Command Network secure section. Remember this information is filed under the auspices of General Order 31 due to our current deployment location and violations will be taken seriously. Take it all with as many grains of salt as you require.

    — LTJG Hall, Office of Naval Intelligence.


    The ‘Messor’… could it be pronounced ‘meh-ZOR’? Bascally the ‘ss’ has a /z/ sound instead. That way, it doesn’t sound like some one is going to soil themselves (though I do suspect some of the Hunter crew may have done when they found the TSN Kinetic surrounded by them).

    Leonard Hall

    I’d count on that with the reverse flushing never fixed malfunctioning toiler aboard the Hunter. Regardless we will have to convene soon not necessarily for this but more so for tactical purposes.

    — LTJG Hall, ONI


    Have we collected any biological specimen/residue (or whatever was left of the attackers)? Shouldn’t a latin classification be applied only when preceded by a disection/autopsy so the name can relate to behaviour/function/habitat/etc?
    Was it vessels or individuals firing at us?


    You’re being a tad too literal sir. I mean latin as in just giving it a language-based name not a classification. Many explorers call things from their own perspectives and even local figures of the times.
    If memory serves, old Earth Japanese space animations were very famous for naming species from the Humans point of view without any knowledge beforehand, and only later finding out their actual names. (And not caring.) On that note, you could suggest the Terran Nordic regions name for something. That’s the idea.

    And no, we have nothing. That’s life in general. Some mysteries aren’t solved in a day, let alone a decade. Unless you have a technological breakthrough to re-animate matter out of a singularity, or from explosions that vaporise almost completely?

    Ah! Perhaps you wish to see if we can board one of their ships intact? Could be…interesting, assuming we manage to disable one. They don’t seem to surrender or not implode/explode, however. Perhaps then you’re classification idea could um…what do Humans say, give vegetables? Oh, something with food. Fruit!

    Sorry gone off topic. Hmm. The mesmerising messor. That’s one idea.

    Any other names?


    Ah, I see what you are aiming at.
    Could we determine how big a single was? I was over my head in managing the energy during the engagement so I only overheard that they were ‘very small’ and read the Intel, Drone or missile sized.
    If I’m not wrong our ships with standard armaments are unable to target missile sized objects so I guess they’re more Drone-like.

    Fish Evans

    The Ships are about half the height of a TSN Light Cruisers saucer section but cubic, they have 8 “ariels” that spring out from the corners of the cube and make its apparent size larger, the sensor cross section on the Sci and other readouts makes it appear much smaller, we are thinking this is down to a stealth coating of some sort.

    weve been crunching numbers in ONI and we have found the following, it should be noted that we lack a lot of information on them however there is no particualr variance between the inderviual blocks to the point that identifying a particular unit is ni on impossible. the quality control is quite astounding.

    On the standard scales the one block version has the following observed stats:
    80 forward and 80 aft shields a single beam with a range of 2000 units, an observed cycle time of 3.6 seconds with a 180 degree field of fire and a damage rating of 1.5 TM it has a weight of exactly 1.00001 Kt with no Obeserved variance. our sensor system was not able to gleam much more information then the weight of each ship/unit/block.

    The three block version has 250 foward and aft shields which is slightly stronger then 3 individual blocks would be, the observed rate of fire on the 3 beam arcs is slightly less as well.

    We observed a 6 block version as well which was also tougher then two indervidual 3 block units would be indicating that the more theses ships stack into one ship the more dangerous and harder to kill they become.

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    So you encountered a swarm of unknown objects that proceeded to swarm you and in the midst of being swarmed, you failed to think of a term that described the swarm?


    I’m not sure but… I get a feeling you are trying to tell us something Gaddiel…


    Did we record their max speed?


    Someone came up with “Singularion” as a race name. I really liked that, and would like to suggest that one. It’s related to the fact that they seem to be able to manipulate singularities.

    Expree | Sci

    As the Fleet Captain said – Hunter-Spookers would work. They spooked the Hunter something fierce. “Venator Teribillis.”


    Commander Expree
    Acting Commander, TSN Hunter


    we were speaking in the galley and i like two suggestions:

    Caltrops or Caltrons

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