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    Fish Evans

    Just a quick update, I am putting to geather a new build of the Mod over the next week or three. so far the update includes:

    -New Textures for the fleet ships to allow the name of the ship to be unmirrored on both sides (thanks Wade!)
    – This includes Hunter and Lancer being swapped out
    -Tweaks to the Garbage Scow so it should look ok on the Sci map (shadow was messedup)
    -Fix for the “Light Cruiser” enemy Base

    I have included Wades Files for the Mk2 Light Cruiser, Battle ship and Battelcruiser,(thanks again Wade!) but not Vessel data at this time, I want to think on it a bit more esp as there are now between 20 and 25 Player ships.

    Are there any other suggestions for additions and fixes (other then over powered Carriers)? the Dev List is currently looking like this:

      Krelian Command Ship
      Fighter (XR) – Player Fighters being developed (default artimes)
      !! PLANET TEXTURES!!!!! At least 3 More.
      !! Comet , needs much more tail.
      Big Mass Driver (Babylon 4?)
      Gate tweak (invisible from inside)
      Hegemony Transport – non urgent
      Shuttle (delta V shape for atmosphere transfers?)

    I remember someone on the artemis forums redesigning the player ships. How about midifying to make sleaker looking designs?


    FYI- there’s a phantom hallway node in the Hydra’s engineering layout floating above the port bow that is invisible until it gets damaged. Not urgent, just a tad annoying.

    Maurice Allard

    Xavier, we have sleeker designs; they’re the models being used for the USN 😉

    Gabriel Wade

    The MkII designs of mine that Fish mentioned are sleeker; longer, thinner engines, more oval-shaped saucer sections, and pylons sweeping back further. And Fish, I have a new package to upload that has some further tweaks to my ships in some ways, all in a clean zip file… but I’m working on MkIIA (or B, or something) version of the Hydra Missile Cruiser with a sleeker body and engine designs as well, and perhaps a tweak to the point defense beams, all of which you can have a look over and do more thinking on. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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