The Bar, 29121-2239

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    Adele Mundy

    Lt. Cmdr. Mundy walks in. She is pale, and her eyes are red-rimmed. She walks up to the bar, and looks at Guy. She nods to the Hjoden Ale tap, and says,

    “Two glasses, Guy, if you please.”

    She sets one glass carefully down on the bar, raises her own as if at a companion sitting across from her, and murmurs,


    Matthew Vaj

    Vaj enters shortly afterward. Seeing Mundy, he walks over and briefly pats her on the shoulder before taking a seat.

    “I’ll have the same, Guy.”

    Adele Mundy

    Mundy smiles at Vaj. She waits for him to get his drink, and raises her glass.

    “Absent friends, Voiddammit.”


    “Coffee, sir, hjocoa?” Guy asks the black-clad captain entering sombrely.

    Matsiyan eyes the little ceremony down the bar.

    “No, Guy, thanks. I’ll have what they… what he is having.”

    When the pint glass arrives he reaches in and clinks it carefully against the lone one on the bar.

    “Good flying.”

    He lifts it to the other two and takes a good swallow.

    “I’m so glad the Section work brings me here now. Any word on the arrangements?”

    Adele Mundy

    “Just waiting to hear the latest.”

    Matthew Vaj

    Vaj nods to Mundy and raises his own glass in response.

    “I know the Fleet Captain is working with a few others to make final arrangements, but haven’t heard what the finalized details are.”

    Adele Mundy

    “Thanks. I’ve requested leave, so I can be here for the memorial service. I miss the Fourth Light…”


    Donovan meanders in, taking a seat with his fellow officers

    Look at threads the Universe has tugged. Isn’t it just the way that if the loom misses a loop that the rest of the tableau is cinched in to bring try to close up the hole?

    No, I’m not a weaver. I can’t even claim that as an original thought. I’ve just been talking with people that I consider to be wise, and some of the questions and thoughts they bring up… It’s not as easy as decrypting a code or hacking into some “secure” system, but they do break my thought patterns and open them up to different paths. I don’t always understand them until later, but, if I keep looking out for possible interpretations…

    My friends, it’s been too long, and I’ve missed you. The comfort your presence brings helps soothe the Void in my heart and soul.

    motions to Matthew Vaj

    Your presence has been scarce of late, as well, my friend. You have not been unmissed.

    Guy! That special vintage! A round for everyone, and one for yourself!


    “It is good to see you! It has been too long.

    Mundy, you might not need to request that day of leave. I think the division may be turned out for ceremonial duty that shift.

    We have both been doing things we can’t talk about, but which do not involve conventional bridge ops, for longer than is good for us. In fact, I know I need to log some hours as an Acting Lt. in bridge ops. Before I’m qualified to command again.”


    Lt. Jr. Raiden walks in absentmindedly, his tablet in his hand, reading some sort of a report again.

    Upon entering, he raised his head, and found a place at the bar, so unusual for him.

    Nods to Matsiyan and Mundy, with a faint “Sir” sits beside his captain Vaj, makes a barely discernible gesture at Donovan.

    He’s quieter than usual staring to the same page on his tablet way too long. Guy knows better and gives him space, not rushing him to order.

    “Damit, he was my first commanding officer after Academy…” his throat goes sore.
    ” I mean… I mean, he had such a bright future in front of him… ”

    “Guy, give me something strong this time.”

    Guy checks our with Donovan who briefly nods. “An earth whiskey, from the common tab. Don’t spill it. It’s worth more than your monthly salary, but I beckon the situation begs for it. Enjoy.”

    Raiden takes the glass in his hand, appreciates the color of the drink within. Takes about half of it into his mouth slowly, savours the taste, eyes closed. Forcefully gulps it, tears started rolling down his face.

    “I’ll be in the corner booth” mumbles while slowly descending from the bar chair while reaching out for his tablet again, glass in the other hand.

    “Was a good stuff, he would have liked it too, “says to Donovan while passing him.

    Descends to the booth and it seems as if he disappeared there completely.

    Aideron Tivianne

    Tivianne slouches into the room, heading straight towards the bar. He gives a short nod to Donovan and the others, “Sirs. Captain,” and unceremoniously slumps down onto a bar stool besides them, limbs splayed.

    “Apologies. Long day at the academy. And that’s not even mentioning the paperwork…” He trails off.

    A second later, he grabs the glass Guy has placed beside him and raises it towards the seat in the middle of the room. “As if we needed another reason to miss him,” he says, looking glumly into his drink.

    After a long moment, he turns toward Vaj. “Sorry it took a while to get back to you about the tactical data from the Arvonians. There have been… complications. I’m pretty sure we’ll have it soon though.”


    Welcome, Aideron. Don’t forget, no ranks in the bar. Don’t make me get out The Wrench!

    Was the day nothing but long? Is there a thing you enjoyed or hated? What feedback would you have given Aramond that he could do something about? He would have loved to know.

    Aideron Tivianne

    Tivianne winces. “Well, that’s just it. Everyone misses him. Everyone’s doing their best, but you can feel it in the general mood. Even the new cadets, who didn’t even know him. So any feedback would be moot at this point, I guess. We mostly need time to recover, I think.”

    He smiles tiredly, a warmth returning to his eyes.

    “That said, everyone is doing their best. Cadets, officers and instructors alike. Everyone is working hard, studying for exams and the like. It’s as if they want to pick up the slack to balance it out. So it’s exhausting, but actually very uplifting to see.

    “What about you? How’s the leave treating you?”


    Quinn walks in the bar and hesitates at the door, searching the room for familiar faces. The tension drains from his face when he clocks the group at the bar and approaches.

    Damn, it’s been too long. Almost couldn’t find the place again. Good to see everyone. Glad I’m not the only who requested temporary reassignment when he heard. Guy, one of the same? Quinn gestures to the glasses in front of his comrades.

    I’ve been back on base two shifts so far and I still get turned around going to the head! Quinn laughs and shakes his head. Half the faces are new and the other half were basically cadets the last time I saw them. Honestly, that’s the biggest testament to the man’s training. They don’t stay cadets for long.

    Quinn trails off as his drink arrives and he sips from it deep in thought.

    Adele Mundy

    “Vaj! Quinn! Donovan! Dammit, it’s been ages! How are you? What’s the latest developments?”

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