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    *Matsiyan strides cheerfully into the bar”
    Hi, Guy, ask that replicator for a nice long, cold, pale wheatbeer or, you know, your usual generic lager.

    *He sprawls in the nearest thing to a comfy chair*

    What do you think of the new ships? I didn’t really notice because I was having too much fun aboard Lancer.

    And what happened after I had to duck out of the shift about 45 minutes before the end?

    Fish Evans

    // Updated link so you know it isnt a classifed state secret now \\

    First round is on me in memory of the TSN Hawk and the lost crew members who whent down with her

    *Raises Glass* The Hawk!

    Its going to be interesting to be a missile cruiser, and the Dauntless .. well the simulated Dauntless looks very nice we will have to see what the real thing can do having a pocket carrier in the fleet will mean we will have to develop some new tactics.

    Jemel Eahain

    // the genuine terran steak…. is that a steak made from a genuine terran ….. is that what happens to the injured red shirts

    Jemel Eahain

    * raises a glass
    To the hawk, live show die when ever,
    I enjoyed my time on hawk both in engineering and as xo, got some real experiance on that old bird

    Adele Mundy

    *looks at menu*
    Terran Stake? For Terran Vampires, I presume… I thought it had been established in the mid-21st century fantasy-sf crossover series, “Supernaturally Superluminal”, that vampires can’t survive in space because it’s always daytime and night time at the same time, and their brains explode, or something… Am I misremembering?

    *nods to Capt. Evans in acknowledgement*
    Most generous of you, sir.
    *to the bartender*
    Guy, a glass of red wine if you please.
    *raises glass*
    Hawk, and the blood on her feathers.
    *drinks, raises glass again*
    And Eagle, long may she fly!

    John van Leigh

    Barkeep! I’ll have a century cider, real if possible, and a serving of square-pig chops with honey mustard, please.

    The Hawk! She was a fine vessel for all of the fifteen minutes I was aboard.

    Blaze Strife

    Guy, Ateris Stout for me, real.

    *raises glass*

    For Hawk! May she hunt the traitors in the spaceship heaven with the Hydra!

    //P.S. If there’s anyone looking forward to my short stories, I’m sorry, but the third chapter is taking long, and it’ll be longer than the first two; maybe even longer than the first two combined. I’ll post it up once I finish writing and editing and am satisfied with the quality. It’ll serve you as a memory of ye olde times. 😛


    What do you mean you don’t carry Hjordan Ale anymore? Yes, I realize that it smelled like de-greaser, that’s part of the charm! Ugh, fine, get me a Gas Giant. Red.

    *slumps down on a stool and lets a wrench fall from his hands*

    Hail Hydra!

    *long drink*

    The Eagle has a full sensor suite now, on par with the Raven. Adele, please don’t let this one get blown up. It’ll mean a whole lot of work for nothing.

    Adele Mundy

    A full sensor suite, excellent! Thanks, Aramond. And I’ll do my best not to get it blown up, obviously. You know, I wasn’t driving when we took Eagle out on her first run…
    *thinks: did that sound too defensive? Dammit!*


    Yes, but SciComms gets to yell at Helm when he’s being foolish. Embrace that privilege, enjoy it!

    *another long drink*

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