The Bar, 12119-2237

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    Matthew Vaj

    Vaj takes a seat at the bar and orders an ale. He begins perusing a few new reports on the division’s status as he takes a long drink.



    Matsiyan orders another, takes a stool at the actual honest-to-starlight bar, spins it round and leans back, spreading both elbows out along the countertop
    Will you look at this, Matthew, neither of my elbows is touching anyone else. Mind you, its a good job we we able to replicate these stools. Centaurs don’t use such things, a little uncomfortable around the haunches I imagine.

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    Matthew Vaj

    Vaj laughs.

    Hjordens have good drinks, but after all this time it sure is nice to have a drink without getting squashed. Remind me to buy a round for the team that made this bar usable.


    Rodger Wilcon

    Wilcon walks into the bar holding a cold pack to his temple, which was kicked by a Skaraan while clearing the lower decks, and sits at the bar.

    Hooves, why do they have to have hooves.

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