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    I am considering once more how to use the forum RP we have developed to add more to our TSN RP game experience. I think now, we have a system that works. The most recent forum game moved along at a decent pace and seemed to allow plenty of participation and decision making for those involved. We played out one full ‘scene’, though scene 2 never seemed to really get going.

    What I am thinking next is trying to play out a couple of scenes between a duty shift. This would be as a test, so that future games on the forum could directly impact our duty shift. For example, during a duty shift mission, we could capture and board a station. On the forums, we could play out a boarding action of some sort and in the next shift the result would impact the second half of the mission.

    I am also thinking it could be possible to play things out as a mission aboard a ship, rather than the away team style we have used so far. It would be similar to the scout mission attempted some time ago by the TSN Phoenix crew.

    I am going to take a look again at how scenes work in Mythic and start something up shortly.

    Any ideas on scenarios or objectives? Any additional suggestions e.g. how to simplify the initial info at the start of a ‘decision’ post (this bit: Does the sensor data show a signal? AR = Above average; DR = Average; Roll = 18; Result = E. Yes)? Anyone want to sign up now?

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    I am interested to participate

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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