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    Blaze Strife

    I’ve had an idea to check if our stardate will always be unique on Saturdays.

    To test that, I first figured out that the only ambiguous stardates are those that conform to the following criteria:

    • only three numbers for day and month,
    • the first number is 1, 2 or 3,
    • the second number is 1,
    • the third number is 1 or 2.

    Therefore, the only possibilites are: 111, 112, 211, 212, 311, 312.

    I see no other possibilities that would be ambiguous in telling us what the real life date it was, if we know it’s a Saturday.

    So, here are the Saturdays in question for all years between 2010 and 2036.

    11th of January 2014
    1st of November 2014
    11th of January 2020
    11th of January 2025
    1st of November 2025
    11th of January 2031
    1st of November 2031
    1st of November 2036

    11th of February 2012
    1st of December 2012
    11th of February 2017
    1st of December 2018
    11th of February 2023
    1st of December 2029
    11th of February 2034
    1st of December 2035

    21st of January 2012
    2nd of November 2013
    21st of January 2017
    2nd of November 2019
    21st of January 2023
    2nd of November 2024
    2nd of November 2030
    21st of January 2034

    21st of February 2015
    2nd of December 2017
    2nd of December 2023
    21st of February 2026
    2nd of December 2028
    21st of February 2032
    2nd of December 2034
    21st of February 2037

    3rd of November 2012
    31st of January 2015
    3rd of November 2018
    31st of January 2026
    3rd of November 2029
    31st of January 2032
    3rd of November 2035
    31st of January 2037

    3rd of December 2011
    3rd of December 2016
    3rd of December 2022
    3rd of December 2033
    3rd of December 2039

    The only ones that are incoming in the future are:

    • 11th of January 2025 and 1st of November 2025,
    • 11th of January 2031 and 1st of November 2031.

    Both of those combinations are so far away in the future, we’ll probably move on to other games by then, die, or fly in real spaceships.

    So, unless you’re using the stardate to signify a date that is not a Saturday’s duty shift, we won’t run into trouble. If you’re using stardates for other dates, I recommend making them even more arbitrary and without any meaning. If something didn’t happen on a duty shift, it doesn’t really matter when it did happen. Or you can add zeroes for those dates.

    P.S: If you can think of any dates I haven’t covered, feel free to write them down, and I’ll check them.


    Thank you!

    Matthew Vaj

    Wow. How long did it take you to look all this up?

    Blaze Strife

    A few minutes.

    I already had a table with all dates between 2000-01-01 and 2036-12-31. Just wrote a simple query on it.


    Blaze, thanks! That is pretty awesome. I recall having several… discussions… with people about the star dates and why I didn’t think they need changing. What you have presented above pretty much clears up any possible disagreements until 2031!

    Blaze Strife

    Yup, that’s why I did it.

    Adele Mundy

    Is there a ribbon for Services to Stardate? 🙂


    I thought the star date system was 090817-2263
    09: November
    08: 8th
    17: 2017
    2238: RP year


    No. Leading zeroes are omitted to retain the flavour of the ST:TOS stardates.
    Earlier in this thread Blaze proved that this is not ambiguous for Saturday shift dates for many years to come.

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