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    Gabriel Wade

    Well, I’ve recently become obsessed with Star Citizen and bought my starter package last night. I went with the Aurora LN, as I’d like something that can give me a little taste of everything the game has to offer (once it’s developed that far).

    I was wondering if anyone else is going to be playing this? If you’ve not heard of it, here’s the link to the site:

    And a video talking about essentially what it is (or what it’s planned to be):

    My plan, once the game is launched, is to start off hauling and trading cargo to make some bank and then work my way up from there, maybe doing fighter escort and some bounty hunting, and then eventually becoming a deep space explorer.

    If anyone’s interested in playing I’m looking to form a “crew”. Let me know if any of you are interested! 🙂


    I’ll be playing, can’t wait for the multi-person crew content to come out


    When is the actual release date for this. It promises a lot, I wonder if it will deliver. I would love to give it a go, think I might need a higher spec. machine though! Being a pilot for someone sounds fun though.

    Gabriel Wade

    There is no confirmed release date for the full game. It says on the wiki, that it’s slated for the end of 2016, but the alpha is live and will continually update and progress to the point of completion. You will need a decent setup to be able to run the game, but the level of immersion they’re going for and what’s already in alpha is amazing!

    The group I’d like to put together is a few cargo haulers (auroras and up) and some fighters for escort, splitting the profits among all.


    My rig isn’t so bad but I’m not prepared to shell out for a joystick, so I’ll probably end up trying to ship out with some other people and running weapons or operations or something on a multi-crew ship


    I’m currently toeing the line between being stupidly excited and cautiously optimistic. Like Xavier said, RSI is promising a lot, but being able to pilot a ship, and walk out of the ship in an MMO-type environment is a dream of mine.

    I haven’t been able to play for a few months, as ever since 2.0.0, the game has been crashing at startup. But after some messing around, I was able to get it running again five minutes ago. Turns out a third-party program I have for my joystick was conflicting.

    What I’m envisioning right now is piloting/being part of a combat rescue ship that will actually go into warzones to help evacuate. If your familiar with ShadowRun, think something like DocWagon.

    However, I am always down to crew up with people on any game.

    Gabriel Wade

    Search and Rescue does sound like something I’d enjoy as well! The cargo hauling is simply the first thing I want to do in game to earn some cash to move on to the other jobs I want to get into. I’m starting out with the Aurora, but I want to move up from there to a Gladius or Saber, and then an Avenger, and eventually a Constellation or a Carrack, either of which of the latter two I’ll need a crew for. It’s gonna be a bit til I can get to that point, though. 😛

    Jemel Eahain

    i got the pledge with the avenger ship and then found out that ship was not in the game so didnt spend much time playing as my machine was dreffull at the time, i have a new pc now so should really have an other look at it

    Maurice Allard

    I was going to get into Star Citizen, but I’ve been having a hell of a time getting my hands on a joystick I like or software that I’m sure will work with it.

    I also need a new throttle and pedal set, but I do plan on joining all ya’ll.

    Fish Evans

    Im pledged as well, but havnet played it yet, My PC is getting fairly near time for a partial or complete upgrade Im still using a pair of Radon HD GFX cards!

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    Gabriel Wade

    Jemmel, I think the Avenger is actually in game and flyable now! 😀

    Fish and Allard, I guess I’ll look forward to seeing you in the verse! Hopefully we can work together, at least from time to time! 🙂

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