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    John van Leigh

    Alright, not really a contest, but the spirit remains. We need two names for two different ships!

    Just post your choice, add where it comes from if you feel it needs clarification. You can put as many suggestions as you want.

    My own submissions:

    -Kullervo, a tragic hero from Finnish folklore
    -Túrin, a tragic hero from Tolkien’s literature based on the above
    -Horizon (was my command on the USN)


    Some of my thoughts:
    Agamemnon (esp. for the Apollo class)
    Cassandra (esp. for the Apollo class)
    Brünnhilde (esp. for the Valkyrie class)

    Blaze Strife

    I’d love the Apollo class to run with the names of the Greek gods, like Ares, Hermes, Zeus; while the Valkyrie class could have names of female Norse gods, like Freya or Frigg.

    Roshin Das

    I’ve always liked the sound of TSN Seeker as a scout ship.

    Adele Mundy

    Well, there is a whole list of Valkyrie names that would be suitable for the Valkyrie ships, but many of them are difficult to pronounce if you aren’t familiar with Old Norse. The most straightforward ones would be:

    Brynhildr (or Brunhilde), meaning “bright battle”
    Göll, “tumult, battle cry”
    Grimhildr, Grimhilde, Krimhilda, “battle helm”
    Gunnr, “battle”
    Herja, something like “one who devastates”
    Hildr (or Hilde), “battle” (do you sense a theme here?)
    Hildeberg, “battle fortress”
    Hildegund, “battle war” (tautology, anyone?)
    Kára, “stormy one”
    Sigrún, “victory rune”

    And of course, the leader of the Valkyries was Freya herself, going by the name Valfreya, “Mistress of the Slain”.

    Adele Mundy

    Apollo, on the other hand, is associated with the Muses. Tradition has settled on nine, but there are older names for three or seven muses. The thing is, the Muses are associated with the arts, and their names might not be as inspirational for our cruisers. So, in a more war-like vein, I have found:

    Enyo and Erida, supposedly sisters of Ares, goddesses of war and blood-lust
    Eris, goddess of battle strife and discord
    The Hysminai, (singular would be Hysmina), female spirits of battle
    the Keres, (singular is Keres), female spirits of cruel death, including death in battle
    Nike, goddess of victory long before her name was stolen by a sports attire brand…
    Otrera, wife of Ares and mother of the Amazons, goddess of violence and chaos

    You may have noticed I’ve suggested exclusively female names. Ships are traditionally female, and goddesses tend to be forgotten, especially the war goddesses.

    John van Leigh

    We could keep stealing draw inspiration from Wagner’s operas and go with Rheintötcher for die Walküre.

    Adele Mundy

    I’d rather go back to Wagner’s sources in mythology, and we have a couple of people who could make sure we pronounce the names correctly. But the decision isn’t up to me. Who has the final say?

    John van Leigh

    Don’t quote me on this one, but mostly the fleet captain and whoever ends up as permanent CO. This is the first time we actually open to the community the choice of a name, so we’re walking on uncharted territory here.

    Adele Mundy

    At least nobody is suggesting Boaty Mc Boatface 🙂


    If they are literally the first of their class then they should have their class names (at least in pre-modern times)

    If Eris was chosen then her motto would absolutely have to be “Confusion to our enemies!”


    I should hardly be surprised but I stand in awe at the erudition of Mundy’s scholarship.

    As a class, Valkyrie is a terrifying name as they were the choosers of the slain. I particilarly like Valfreya.


    I’m in agreement with Matsiyan to keep their names as Valkyrie and Apollo.

    Isn’t there a maritime superstition that’s bad luck to change a boat’s name? If so, that easily could have carried all the way into 2237. Since we’ve already referred to them as the TSN Valkyrie and TSN Apollo on their maiden voyage, it could be argued that they have received and earned their names already. At least, that’s what Eric would argue.


    Technically, it is not their maiden voyages. I have worked on descriptions for the new vessels and these can be found on the ship profile document I posted in the ‘Ship Varients’ thread.


    Alright, point taken. Still doesn’t change my argument.

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