server crash with pirate brigantine (side 8,id 16,version 2.003)

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    (mostly copied off of discord as requested, cleaned up a little in reposting and added some context for searches)

    <<before first comment>>
    ive been investigating a server crash in v 2.002 and 2.003 artemis 2.7.1 with a pirate brigantine selected with no fighters selected, lots of dead ends, comments spread over week or two with about 6 hours debugginng

    <<previous hotfix>>
    line 85 side 8 name=”pirate” to name=”pirates”
    line 116 side 13 name=”Euphini Pirates” keys=”FactionPirates” to name=”Euphini Pirate” keys=”FactionPirate”

    <<posted later>>
    inspiration isnt hitting me with this any more and ive reached the point I feel like saying my time is better spent elsewhere than hunting down a bug that I dont have code for
    however we can still test proposed work arounds etc
    my current theory is its spawning via race keys (which in my tests arent working as I expected resulting in these posts)
    it seems to be spawning from any race that has a sub string of the race name
    options that seem possible to fix it
    option 1) fold side 13 into side 8 thus removing npc only pirates
    issue – need to make snt files for the pirates, more player ships
    option 2) fold side 8 into side 13
    issue – pc pirates no longer are playable, removes some of the few ships that are very similar between TSN mod and stock, concern over crashes re altering base race ships
    option 3) add fighters to side 13, allow pirate ships to miss spawn fighters if spawned as pc ships with fighters unassigned
    issue – extra ships = more maintence, ugly solution due to duplicated entries and known miss spawning
    option 4) rename one race away from pirate and use set_hail_text (I think thats the command) in the sandbox to silently hide this face
    issue – more code complexity in the sandbox
    option 5) rename the racekeys and hullkeys as above (note that “pirates” is not a substring “Euphini Pirate”)
    issue – if broken with spaces “Euphini Pirate” is seen as “pirate” and thus is a substring of “Pirates” – I have tested and am unable to cause a crash with the fix I mentioned above but it feels fragile – feeling fragile seems better than known server crash bugs on the other hand though (this is mostly restoring it to TSN v1.9.11 and thus somewhat tested)
    option 6) change side 13 to not use the word pirate (give them a name which doesnt include pirate – drawing a blank at what would be good)
    issue – the whole these pirates which are not pirates

    after posting this Xansta commented (on option 6) pirate alternatives: buccaneer, marauder, raider, corsair, privateer

    <<subsequent conversation re option 6>>
    [17:39] Xavier: I was thinking that @Xansta
    [17:52] Xansta: I favor privateer, but that’s personal preference. Skullduggery comes to mind when I think of the skull and crossbones pirate flag, but that’s just a mental pun and may not have broader appeal. Privateer implies a contract, license or secret arrangement with a government or company (England, Spain, East India Trading Company, etc.) which could translate to USF, Hegemony, n’Tani, etc. in TSN patrolled space, giving opportunity for more story depth and color (or colour for Mundy)
    [18:03] starry: for some reason I like corsair
    to me (though obviously different for different people) all the other ones have a connotation pirates dont (though if the connotation fits then thats a good thing)

    in my opinion 5 or 6 is the best soultion

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