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    Instead of spamming the fleet captain about suspected infiltrators, every time I notice one, I turn to the fleet as a whole to confront this problem.

    I’m not at all familiar with how Space Word Press’ interface works but there seems to be some plugins available one can attach to increase security.
    Maybe there are already plugins active not working or there’s none, I don’t know, but maybe someone with the right knowhow might address this security breach in a firm and adequate manner?

    As per Stardate 25515-2236 UTC 00:10 suspicion falls upon following individuals:

    Delmar Goble
    Della Stillwell

    Ensign Fulvus

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    I also have something to report.

    I had a romantic dinner date booked with Elinor Hindmarsh – a female TSN Ensign I met on Spacebook after discussing things we liked/disliked about TSN Protocols. When I turned up though there was no sign of her and she hasn’t answered any of my calls since.

    Why do all of the women in the TSN hate me!? I even turned up with flowers…


    I’ve investigated further into these individuals and as they all seem to follow a certain pattern in expressing emotions and even, but barely noticeable, motions – I conclude they are spydroids with unknown origin.
    By accessing and reviewing low level security recordings of their whereabouts and interactions with TSN personnel, I discovered they all follow either one of so far two kinds of (wasmannian?) mimicry to resemble human.

    Flashheart, don’t be too hard on yourself – but don’t forget to shower after visiting the reverse flushing compartment of TSN Hunter.

    Additional suspicious individuals:

    Boyd Lithgow
    Williemae Egerton
    Ashly Tarpley
    Lorenzo Hardin


    // I am deleting new spam accounts almost on a daily basis. We have both captcha and spam filters installed on wordpress, and although they seem to be blocking quite a decent amount, some still get through. There are two particular addresses that are repeat offenders so I may try and add them to some kind of ‘blacklist’. Thanks for bringing these to my attention though!

    Expree | Sci

    //I think this calls for one of Flashheart’s rallying songs to keep our spirits up.

    Fulvus — we solved that problem with the TSN Hunter’s reverse-flushing toilets. The hot water was routed to them and the heat is great enough that they sanitize as they reverse-flush.

    I’m thinking we may be able to install a more powerful gravity generator on the ceiling to counteract the gravity fluctuation near the toilets.



    Here’s Flashheart’s wisdom for today.

    Remember – it’s okay even if it’s an enemy agent.

    Expree | Sci

    Outstanding! Flashheart: mending self-esteem since the day he was born. Motivational coach, helmsman.

    //I bet the Torgoth catch broadcasts of Serenity/Firefly and every so often think that they’re TSN training videos.


    It makes me want to be single dating enemy agents! We should maybe take Flashheart in for questioning, sending malicious propaganda.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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