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    Lewis Remmick

    As a newcomer who has really enjoyed working with you all, I had some thoughts about how to make the experience of joining the TSN easier for random new recruits (like me) who might not have the fortitude or curiosity (like me) to find as much out about what is expected from the website.

    On the main, page, in the “Join Today” section, I would suggest a link to a “getting started page.” This could be called “Enlisting,” or “New Cadets,” or “Recruiting Office.” It could even go all in with something like “Find out how YOU can serve the USFP!”

    In any event, this page could include a lot of the useful links that newcomers are likely to need/want before they dive right in.

    Some suggestions include:
    -Duty Shift (Logistics of joining):
    -Information about when and where we play (include explanation of UTC?)
    -Teamspeak info (include information about Uniforms or anything else someone who’s new wouldn’t know.)
    -Where to download the game in the first place if this is their first time
    -Version info, with explanation of how to apply it (make a copy of the game, etc), with a link to where to download
    -Mod info, with explanation of how to apply it, link to where to download

    -Advancement system (they way WE do things, can be called whatever):
    -Links to protocols, but most importantly officer training
    -Explanation of procedures for advancement (how to go from cadet to ensign, what leads to further advancement, etc)

    -Any other information you really wish new people showing up for the first time they show up.

    I’m sure this will require modification, but I think it could be helpful for people who might really enjoy us.

    Lewis Remmick


    I second this some of these ideas. We seem to be giving out the information on setting up Artemis 2.1.1 and installing the TSN Mod fairly often. That could be linked near the Teamspeak info on the welcome page. Having a link to the Library protocols documents would probably be very helpful too.

    Blaze Strife

    As a new Cadet, I agree with this topic. The Library is a good place to start, but I feel that I need to search a lot for some info.

    The problem is that someone will have to put in their time to make it all, and we have no idea how many recruits will actually appear.

    Lewis Remmick

    I have some free time coming up in a week or so. I may throw together a mock-up of this to send to the higher ups for approval.


    Something to add to the suggestion list: when picking a name, go for something that is, or sounds like it could be real. Because I refuse to call someone Cdt. SlappyPancake.

    Lewis Remmick

    //I was thinking of including that obligatory “What is RP” section that would include both common expectations, and also our lexicon (console for computer, command codes for IP address, etc).

    Lewis Remmick

    //What is the link for the TSN mod? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


    Mock something up with links and I should just be able to copy and paste it on to a new webpage for the site with minimal formating and editing.

    Lewis Remmick

    Thanks Aramond!

    Will do, Captain!

    Matthew Vaj

    Has any progress been made on this project lately? I’d like to see this become a reality as well.

    Adele Mundy

    I missed this thread completely when it first appeared. All good ideas, and if some of the people from Comicon who were enthusiastic about the game but said they had no way to gather enough people to play were to follow my suggestion and look online for TSN RP, a welcome/intro page would make their life easier.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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