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    Personal log – Stardate 3421-2239
    Acting Ensign Edward Pierce

    Today was a particularly good day for me. There were announcements made during the shift and two of them were about me. First up was my silver pin for the weapons exam (thanks to LT. Calon for being my examiner). The second one was about my application to be assigned to the TSN Viper. Captain Vaj has approved the assignment and from this Stardate onward I am the science officer on the TSN Viper.

    We had a problem with some systems today, something to do with a database malfunction. Something to do with a faulty entry. A bunch of senior officers were fixing it and luckily it didn’t take long to fix it. We did a simulation to check the system, just to be on the safe side.

    We also did a couple simulations of war situations, one where we had to find and destroy an communications array and one where we had to take an enemy base.

    There also have been rumors about a guerilla warfare mission against the hegemony. From what I hear, we might go on that mission during the next duty shift. I hope everything will go according to plan but still i can’t wait for my first real mission.

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