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    Personal log, Lt Jr Garion

    It’s been several weeks that I’ve now been back with the 4th Light, I was lucky enough to retain my rank after my long absence and it’s been especially nice being welcomed back by old faces and new. I’ve been asked about my infamous combat sims I used to create, which I need to bring out again, although reducing the difficulty so it doesn’t take the whole shift may be wise. I’ve also had chance to conduct some of my favorite past time, winding up Commander Aramond. I’m sure it’s going to hamper any prospects of promotion but it’s totally worth it.

    The shift comprised of a couple of sims and then a mission to seek and destroy enemy sensors as well as plant our own. After the first sim I volunteered to take the helm of the Lancer. The Lancer is an extraordinary ship, with and exemplary crew, I want to pass on my thanks to Commander Donavan who talked through the various quirks of the Lancers style. We completed the sim and the mission with ease and I soon got the hang of the Lancer. I’m glad I got the hang of the Lancer as for the final simulation I was put in Command.

    Command is an interesting experience, it’s easy to watch someone in command and pick up the way they do things but until you sit in that chair you don’t understand what it is to be in command. I found the lack of ‘control’ unnerving at first, I’m usually flying a starship not watching someone else do it. Waiting to be fed information about the current situation that you can’t get from the Captain’s screen can be a pain but you get used to trusting the crew.
    During the sim the Viper called a mayday, I hesitated to respond, despite being close enough to respond. The Lancer had been ordered into a battle group with the Osiris and I waited for orders from the Osiris to disengage and assist the Viper. Eventually after hearing no orders I told helm to move in and assist, other ships had also responded by this point but it was too late. Thankfully it was only a sim and no real damage was done, but it’s certainly been a lesson for me that hesitation could mean you don’t respond quickly enough and lives are lost. I’ll certainly discuss that scenario with some of the senior officers to see what they would have done, was it right to disengage and assist the Viper or should you wait for orders.
    Safe to say, things look very different from the chair.


    Don’t they just 🙂

    From a completely unbiased point of view, certainly you should have dropped everything and instantly gone to Viper‘s aid.

    Thanks for an interesting viewpoint. Welcome back.


    Good to have you aboard, Mr. Garion. I’m pleased you enjoyed your deployment aboard Lancer. Just as glad to see a bit of recognition for the unique perspective that Command brings. Your words brought me back to an earlier experience in my own career, when I found myself taking Lancer out as her acting commander. Indeed, I’m sure every command officer and fleet command officer reading your log recognized the same feeling. I’m grateful that someone can start to put the experience of trusting one’s crew/fleet into words. It’s an… “experience”… to put the ship into the hands of your crew – relying on the information flowing from them, while simultaneously trying to direct them as a cohesive unit. It helps when you have talented officers aboard, to be sure. For the newer officers, it’s an opportunity to impart your knowledge and tactics – helping them to increase their own abilities and grow as officers.

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    Wait, what? I step out of Viper for just a short moment (last 20 minutes of a shift) and it gets destroyed? Without my aid? Outrage. I’m the Bane of Viper, being its regular Helm and an occasional sim captain.

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