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    “It’s been nearly a week since they declared the 4th Light traitors. Nearly a week that I’ve been hopping civilian and alien transports, finding places to hide out and avoid being captured and subjected to the whims of a power-mad Admiral…”

    Donovan chuckles as he stops to consider those last words.

    He continues, “…redunant as that may sound.”

    “Some peculiar information has found its way to me, though. References to the 4th Light that don’t have to deal with our ‘treacherous ways’ and frustration at their inability to quell and capture us are common, but it’s the ones that refer to us obliquely that interest me. Usually these reports find their way to me through some neutral captain or informants I’ve managed to keep in contact with. What’s so peculiar about them? Reports of equipment being moved and cargo containers that had been assigned to the 4th Light showing up in enemy-controlled space. Yeah, I’d say that’s out of the ordinary. I’m wondering if this is another stage of proving the 4th Light to be traitors. It wouldn’t surprise me that they’d try to frame us like this.”

    “I think I’ve figured out the center of all of this activity. Most of the information is coming from the Ibroan System. I’m going to make my way there. Might take a few transfers and a couple of ‘scenic routes’. If I don’t make it, I hope that someone friendly finds this log. It might not be the ‘smoking gun’ we’re looking for, but it might help in the efforts to clear our names.”

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