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    takes a CO’s tour of Excision, with a lengthy pause in Engineering
    quickly dismisses the DamCons who are hell-bent on saluting and acknowledging him
    pauses with his coffee cup while contemplating some readouts and equipment… and is he decanting something from that valve??!!
    To those who know him best and have served closely with him in the past, there’s the slightest betrayal of emotions… barely visible before he steels himself back to the persona he must portray to the crew…
    Rosenberg said that realities had compressed… had combined… merged, somehow. I was there when ship identities were changing… morphing… adapting when we first coalesced.
    I waited. I scanned. I hoped.
    I wished that somewhere, on one of these ships, from one of the alternative realities, that I might find you… or, at least, one of the alternate you’s.
    I’ve sent out coded transmissions from Comms while blury was deployed in the shuttle. I’ve programmed the energy signatures on multiple probes with encrypted wavelengths, hoping you’d hear “The Parting Glass” in the subharmonics and respond in kind.
    wanders through the rest of the CO’s tour, barely acknowledging anyone or anything that he’s supposed to be reviewing, until he finally makes it back to the Ready Room
    I see and hear you in the tone of so many of my orders to my own crew… my words to Horiz… I mean, Relentless… I need to constantly remind myself that it won’t be your voice responding…
    I hope you’ve heard me and that I’ve made you proud.
    I’m not going to stop searching for you, my friend. I can’t acknowledge that you’re gone.

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