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    “Computer, establish comm link with Lancer and broadcast in real-time, 30% volume. Pull up the Captain’s Map and Data Screens, Engineering Data; display on Monitors 1 and 2.”

    Donovan went about sorting through datapads of military codes and court proceedings, trying to organize them back into some semblance of order before contacting the Quartermaster with his personal thanks.

    “It’s been a strange few weeks,” he thought to himself. “Luckily, the Fleet Captain granted a couple of extra days so I could take care of this, while copies of ships logs, testimonies, and other evidence were transferred back to Mria Command.”

    He absentmindedly monitors the ship’s status and is calmed by the familiar banter of the crew, while warming up in the simulations. The casual tone and relief that the threat to the 4th Light seemed to be in the past mirrored his own sense of peace. Donovan chuckles when he realizes that he’s been talking to himself, again.

    “Don’t let your guard down – the Universe sometimes has a perverted sense of humor.”

    “We’re just worrying too much.”

    “Worrying and expecting the worst has gotten us pretty far, hasn’t it?”

    “I can’t argue with that. First, you’re right. Second, when I start arguing with myself, they’re going to lock me up.”

    The Commander reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a sophisticated data storage device and inserts it into the access port.

    “Computer, archive the data downloaded thus far and continue to save the current broadcast to external storage. Use personal encryption key Donovan-Whiskey-Alpha-Sierra-Foxtrot.”

    “Hell, they’re calm enough on Lancer to make tongue-in-cheek jokes about that d*mned ‘Bingo Card’! They are at ease.”

    internal voice “That’s when it usually happens…”

    “Yeah, Das knows it too. He’s clenched. Definitely developing that ‘Jemel Syndrome’ that CO’s of Lancer seem to manifest. Hell, even blury is suggesting shields up and Avirson had Lancer’s bearing set for the fastest vector out of Mria Command’s Perimeter Mines without being ordered to.”

    “That” tingle went all the way down his spine, as he gently set last box of datapads into the transport cube.

    “I hate when I’m right,” he says to himself as he hears the Code Red coming through his monitor. He pulls the data storage unit out and inserts another odd-looking device into the access port. A moment later, his monitor switches to a test pattern. “Computer, access external storage device. Load and execute program titled, ‘Echelon Protocol’.” After waiting a few moments for the worm program start to scramble this system and send out a series of encrypted commands over the subspace communications system, he withdraws the device and grabs his Go Bag and exits his temporary quarters. He recalls the mental map he routinely makes when arriving at the station. It pays to research the schematics for anomalous sensor-dead-zones and conduits that can get him where he needs to be unobserved. As the hatch closes, the announcement comes over the general comms.

    “Security Alert! Detain Commander Donovan and any other officers of the 4th Light. Priority One!”

    “Guess they can’t call me ‘paranoid’ this time!”

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