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    What do the N’tani look like? Tall, short, wide, thin, vertebrate, furred, skinned, armoured, sexually dimorphic, plain, ornamented, elegant or baroque
    What gravity, pressure, atmosphere, humidity, trace minerals, do they need?
    What is their tech level? Primarily urban or rural, high density or low?
    Caste or egalitarian, merchants, engineers, artisans, artists, philosophers, scientists?

    All I know is that they are mostly peaceful trader nomads.
    Have they always been nomadic by choice or was their homeworld destroyed within their historical record?


    Think along the lines if the masai mara in africa.


    Other thoughts.

    A peaceful, tribal species.

    Nomadic – travelling through space between various known locations. Stopping for a period before moving on, but returning to suitable spots again and again (like how nomads drive their cattle to graze in the same grasslands).

    Long life – 4 or 5x that of a human (with humans living about 120 years… the eldest recorded 145).

    Lead by Elders who guide the tribe. At one with the environment around them, try not to destroy, but live alongside and using resources wisely.

    With such long travel they’d meet and trade with other species for what they need.

    That how I always viewed them.


    So Terrans not in space last time they came through here. Explains why they initially afvoured an accord with the Hegemony. Current elders born before we had scientific method or power beyond muscles and water/windmills. Going to take a long view by comparison with us.

    Any thoughts on physiology? Tortoises live a very long time, especially large ones.

    Tuor Elanesse

    we need to sell them fire juice and boom stick. so that we can integrate them into our culture.

    so by looking at this i imagined native americans.
    i am working on thheir language. i want to create basics for their everyday words. the questions matsiyan asked are awesome because anatomy and culture is important in the creation of a language.

    Tuor Elanesse

    if they are nomads. their methoblasmic activities should be very elastic and their constitution has to be high. even if they are stopping at suitable places, travelling to a different planet alters our body radically. for no changes in our body the traits of the planets should be exactly the same which is impossible. so they might not even know their original state. they are keep changing through time. we can calassify them according to their current state in the last milennia maybe. they should have middle height bodies. thick dry skin. possibly red because of the changing blood pressure. i am assuming they are herbivores since it is easier to sow in space than to breed animals. to be a nomadic race i am assuming they are really good at genetic engineering and cryogenics. if they are we might learn a great deal of knowledge. they should also have strict birth policies because beign nomad means little resources and that means birth control. i believe they make annual census to deaignate exact number and rations. they are probably animal friendly to adapt to the new habitats. maybe they have exotic pets we might use for trade. their family structure i assume mostly matriarchal. they value elders and the women. their joints should be like the insext joints to adapt changing gravity and pressure. they are humanoids i suppose but resemble bugs. space travel makes skin whiter without enough UV. and lets say there is a radiation on the atmosphere where they live. it might happen because no planet is perfect. so they need to hide underground. i am imaginin white bug like hard and white skinned with partially pinky or red soft tissues, thin middle height creatures


    These guys are *stellar* nomads. They have their own ships and may have had for longer than we have had the wheel. They choose to trade. They probably have a much slower paced, longer viewed culture, but not primitive. I am not sure what commodities they deal in, but I would have guessed, artwork, technology, incredibly precious materials, knowledge of other cultures. When the local area is played out for trading, they move on and come back in the next generation. They must have some way to protect themselves to avoid simply being raided and killed by those stupid enough to kill the golden goose.


    Interesting point, Tuor, about the need to adapt to new environments. I would think they would have a combination of being able to naturally adapt their physiology quickly and easily, sort of like how reptiles can thermoregulate differently depending on the environment, And having the technology to help them adapt, like gene therapy or “terraforming” tech.

    The way Xavier frames it, it seems they would move from planet to planet but also have a constant space presence. Perhaps there’s a caste system that separates those who extract resources from a planet and those who stay in space and maintain the ships?

    Expanding on Matsiyan’s point about trade, they would probably have to deal in things that don’t really lose too much value over time, considering they play the long game and may traverse great distances before they find someone interested in paying their desired price for goods. As a side effect, this would probably make them poor information dealers, considering how quickly intel can go stale, but would make them excellent galactic historians and scholars, considering all the different cultures they could encounter and events they could observe even in a single lifetime.


    Sorry guys, my connection dropped out. I mean to apologize for my post that crossed Tuor’s in the ether. I thought his previous post was going in a different direction. Loved both his last post and Quinn’s.

    I was getting a vibe a bit like The Clutch from Lee and Miller’s Liaden universe.

    I had not thought that ‘nomadic’ might mean settling here for a century or so before moving on 🙂


    Wouldn’t it be freaky if they had recordings of events on pre-industrial earth?

    Tuor Elanesse

    i am just trying to assume. yes i also thought that they stay on a planet for a century or so but it is still a long time to get countless new proteins and pathogens. and enough to mutate their biology. at least their health. they live 5x more than us. it is plausable because i canmot imagine how many lives they might have sacrificed to get adapted to the new pathogens. they are the fittest race. sid you know that most of the native american population died because of european diseases? so having a intercourse with them or blood transfusion may melt our intestines i would say. it is actually a sheer luck that we havent got any illness from them via air 🙂

    Tuor Elanesse

    so from the posts i wpuld say we agreed on some points and kind of enlarged the assumptions into a new level.

    1- they are serene and ancient.
    2- they got the ability to adapt to the new habitats. we should assume that they encointered countless diseases through time.
    3- they should have thermo regulation system naturally evolved through the ages.
    4-they got to be good at cryogenics and molecular biology.
    5-they are mostly gatherers, traders and they are tend to farm seasonal crops what is available on their planet at any given time.
    6-we need to assume that they also affected natural life on the planets they have visited. maybe they started lives. maybe our evolution happened because of them. you see if they have visited terra before us all its need for our evolution is just inhale and exhale. maybe we have evolved from their pathogens. we need to conduct further analysis on their DNA for similarities. put the evolution aside it is probable that they changed the flora and fauna of the planets they visited. imagine they have pets and ran away. they will reproduce and flourish the planet thus changing the pyramid radically.

    Fish Evans

    Ok so there is attualy a fair bit already known about the Na’tari from the first time we met them:

    They are Bio engineers of the unparreleld ability – they litiraly grow there ships, and the ships computer is a brain – they make living ships.

    They are not Nomadic by choice, a mistake was made when designing there newest superdreadnaught class ship and the “Brain” of the ship is almost ineveriably Homicidle we know this class of ship as the “Space Monster” they took over there home system killing and destroying everything. Due to the nature of the “shipyards” to this day more are beeing created so long as the monsters harvest enough raw material to make the next generation fortunetly the population growth is linera not exponential.

    Becuase they are the Creators of the space monster they are the only race that has the ability to neutralize or kill a space monster. though the Skarens have found a way to handle them.

    They are currently refugees in the Promethean and imediat systems surronding Promethean, however tensions are high between them and the inhabitants. the USFP have agreed to lend aid in locating and setting up a new homeworld – hence why we are in Euphine.

    Finaly from there early comunications with us they belive the TSN in general have “Smelly Feet”.

    Thats the current state of the critical cannon points we have hit. no mention I belive has been made as to social structures or physical apperance.

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    Fish, thank you. If I ever knew that, I had forgotten. The N’tari were already a known presence when I started my service with the TSN. I am sure that Mundy will enjoy writing this up for the Encyclopaedia.

    This resonates on a number of levels. The living ship reminds me of Moya’s “Pilot” in Farscape. The loss of the homeworld vaguely reminds me of the Narn in Babylon 5. So we have tapped a rich vein here. The Liaden turtle-like “Clutch” clan that appear in the books are growers of crystal knives of unbelievable perfection. They would be utterly disgraced if one of their knives were damaged in anything less than a starship destruction. They can indeed pierce steel.

    Maybe because I am sleep deprived, that seems to echo with the discussion of combat blades in the other thread at the moment.

    Also the planet in the current Forum RP in Sector V, has several Space Monsters nearby and a very strange collection of anomalies in the asteroid belt. I thought Tuor was going too far in some of his fiction, but that does indeed suggest that this sector would be better suited to the N’tari than anyone else. The presence of so many monsters makes one wonder whether the N’tari were already involved in some way.

    I feel the sleep-aids kicking in. So I am headed back to bed. Have a great shift tomorrow. Sorry I shall miss it!

    Tuor Elanesse

    i am just making speculations 🙂 maybe some of them got accepted and we can enlarge the cannon. without knowing it i ve asserted that they might be good at biology science and genetics and it is provn to be true b Fish. just trying to make scientific speculations about their race.

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