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    Fish Evans

    Well we have kicked off the next arc in our story line and this time we are trying something a little different so to help keep every one on the same page…..:

    Normaly the “Time” between duty shifts is a little airy fairy in terms of in charector, we refer to last week, a few weeks ago, and ordinarily this is fine. for the purposes of the Cerebus Campaign however each shift will effectively happen the next day. I mention this because of the growing trend of RP on the forums (which I personally love to read even though I don’t contribute much to as Commander Evans) and to help the records keep in step. Please do continue to post theses things!

    There will be some messages coming in Via the command center over the next weeks (or over night in charecrtor) and I encourage suggestions and debate on them in the wardroom forum area. Posts in the Command Center will be seen by these External Characters and this may have an effect on upcoming shifts and their opinions and general deminer towards the division. Telling Admiral Coats that he is a moron may find you being demoted for example! as such if you have ideas or suggestions on how to deal with a posed problem or issue open a thread with the same title in the wardrobe – if one is not already open and post it there so the CO’s can see it and decide on action.

    Of course.. you could make a post and risk getting noticed for a ribbon.. or a chewing out by your CO. Just remember anything said in the non OOC areas is part of the RP one way or another.

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    Now that you’re mentioning time I also have some questions about space. Thing is I don’t get the hang of it. There’s systems and there’s sectors but the only stars around are the black ones. The only stellar objects in Artemis are singularities, asteroids and nebulae. What about planets, satellites, stars?
    Just so I know how to imagine it.


    Consider the space we are in to be on the outer edges of star systems. Jump points occur here. They are therefore position of importance – trade hubs, strategic bases and places of manufacture and industry. Travel to planets in system the can take a day, sometimes several, sometimes up to a week depending on the position of the planet and the cruising speed of the ship. We remain out there because that is where we are needed, system ships and local defenders can fight if need be (though nothing should make it past us and the enemy would first need to secure the position to be able to strike further in system). We see the main star often (it is basically the skybox) but the planets being so small in comparison, we cannot see them.

    Why do we never go? One TSN ship is a formidable asset. To have it withdraw in system would remove that asset from operation. We have repair and maintainence facilities, and established bases and HQ posts so TSN ships never need to visit a planet. It would be like bringing a satallite back to Earth to fix a faulty wire, just to have to launch it back up again.

    I envision the blackholes as more like micro gravity wells. Of course, what is a blackhole if not a gravity well.

    There is more indepth stuff, mostly available to the canon department at present and much is written out of character. Things are being developed and tweaked and finalised (hence it is not yet accessible to every – the intention being to avoid confusion or a change that results in conflicting ideas) but will hopefully be accessible to all at some point in the future.

    It is fine to ask stuff if you want to find out though. An answer could be provided from what we have, or new canon written as a result of missing information.


    Now that we have slower in-game time progression than IRL maybe we should clarify this with a more specific Star Date system?
    I was thinking we could do it as before but Canon Department/GM’s set each session’s in-game date with DMYYYY in the last part. So if this evening’s session would be set to TSN universal day 1 month 1 year 2236 it would be printed as:

    Stardate 12915-112236
    Stardate 12915-11-2236
    Stardate 12915-1136

    I think the first one has the best feel to it.
    Beyond that I wonder what the universal calendar looks like. 1y = 13×28 days or 1y = 12×30 days?

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