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    Neimad K

    Personal Log, Commander Neimad Korczynksi
    CO TSN Stalker, 2nd Space Fleet, 4th Light Division
    Stardate: 7620-2239

    With the Stalker returning to Mria Command along with the remainder of the Division, I hosted a dinner for the officers to recognise Mr Calon’s promotion to Lieutenant Junior. There were other reasons to celebrate as well, with our recent success in the Eulis system bringing to an end our problems with the Arvonians.

    During the dinner Lieutenant Senior Vimes and I also shared a quiet discussion about the Stalker. We’ve only been commissioned for a short time, and I’ve been forced to rely on Vimes’ experience during my recent recall to Fleet Command. He’s one of the Division’s backbone officers, able to take on whatever role has been asked of him, but not interested in pursuing the command track. Captain Evans gave him a strong recommendation, which was enough to make the offer to join the Stalker, and it is a decision I doubt that I will regret.

    Vimes’ also talked about how the crew has come along in the time we have been together. Calon is a good example of this. His Academy results were borderline, however his talents have been given a chance to shine in the engine room. In a recent mission to the Loria system we sustained heavy damage during an encounter with enemy forces and were unable to effect repairs. However he held the ship together long enough for us to retreat back to Command without requiring a tow – something no captain wants to have happen.

    Ensign Bahr is also developing well. Our newest recruit barely has the shine off his silver diamond, and his engineering skills are also excellent. Taking on the tactical officer role has been a steep learning curve for him, but I am very glad to have him on the bridge. With some more time and experience I am certain he will reach our high expectations.

    We’re still short a solid helm officer, and I have hopes of being able to procure one who can regularly serve on the ship. It’s been a rotating group that have spent some time steering us around – Ensign Spookki, Ensign Thomas, Ensign Blury (whom I hear has found a home on Lancer), Lieutenant Junior Raiden and Lieutenant Junior Garion. It is a role that requires skill and determination to master, so expectations for any candidate are high. I am confident it is one we will fill soon.

    The dinner conversation also turned to our mission coordination with the crew of the Osiris, who are made up of shipmates from the former Horizon. Lieutenant Commander Draeco led them well, and probably made my battlegroup command look better than it deserved. I will pass on my compliments to Commander Aramond on their performance at the next duty shift.

    On a personal note, it is a pleasure to still see the Osiris in operation. As a cadet I spent the majority of my time on that ship, with Lieutenant Alice as the commanding officer, and returned as her XO after Alice’s promotion to Commander.

    The only note of concern from our mission was the encounter with the Xinmi in the Khoros system. Their recent actions may indicate a more aggressive posture, so I will review the latest reports from the Office of Naval Intelligence to glean any information on this development.

    End log.

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