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    Neimad K

    Ashia Command
    Stardate: 5920-2239

    And so a new chapter begins.

    “Computer, begin Captain’s Log.”

    An audio confirmation chirped in reply, and with an inhalation of breath, the composition of thoughts shifted into words.

    “It has been two duty shifts since the promotion to Captain. It was an unexpected honour, more due to the circumstances of the war than anything else. The conflict has led to many of the Divisions most experienced officers being reassigned to other duty posts, most notably Jemel and Matsiyan. Even Captain Evans has been limited in his active duty engagements with the Division, spending more time in the Combat Information Centre than on deck. It means that Captain Vaj and myself have some large shoes to fill, and taking military action against the enemy will go a ways to demonstrating that we are up to the task.”

    When be had first been assigned to the Division, fresh from the Academy, there had only been one captain. Even as a junior officer those later ship commanders had seemed larger than life. Feltes, Gahn, Brenner, Alice – all of them capable leaders, who had provided the benefit of their experience to the crew that served with them.
    Time for him to do the same.

    “The Division has regrouped at Ashia Command, adopting a more defensive posture against the Hegemony forces. This has led to a reduction in force, with primary operations comprising the more experienced crews. Sector patrols are still being conducted with the Osiris and Hunter, but we have been reacting to circumstances rather than taking the fight outside our sphere of influence.”

    Taking a moment to reflect on the stars outside the viewing portal, the newly promoted officer absently touched the gleaming rank insignia on his collar.

    “Our recent missions have been either humanitarian in nature or reinforcing our current territory. The rescue of the Arvonian refugees entering the Ashia System will have secured the Union some diplomatic goodwill with our current allies. I led the Division against a recent Hegemony incursion on our mining facilities and was successful, thanks to the skilful response to that threat by the Fourth Light. But it is hard to believe we will be successful in this conflict without taking the offensive, and securing the border systems – Acantha, Eulis and Khoros.”

    “The Stalker crew continues to perform well in simulation and while on mission. Lieutenant Senior Vimes has set high expectations for the team and they strive to meet them. Lieutenant Avirson’s recent promotion was also deserved and he has proven capable in acting as first officer when Vimes has been off-ship. Calon and Bahr have shown their worth on multiple occasions. The crew coordination has been excellent, and recognition for that service is overdue.”

    Glancing at the chrono, Neimad stifled a yawn. The ship wouldn’t benefit from a tired captain.

    “Computer, end log. And set a reminder to discuss crew performance reports with the XO.”

    Captain Neimad Korczynksi
    Commanding Officer TSN Stalker
    2nd Space Fleet, 4th Light Division


    // most enjoyable

    Matthew Vaj

    // very large shoes to fill, indeed.

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