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    Jemel Eahain

    Mission debrief star date 8417-2237

    Mission Directive-
    Move Active forces of Tsn 4th light division back to Prometheus system command DS.

    Further orders for mission-
    follow route from Euphini system to Danae system, to WP60, to Krisenda system, to Cerberus system, to Prometheus system.

    Commanding Officer;
    Captain Jemel Eahain in temp command of 4th light while fleet captain Xavier over sees the remaining pack up and movement of 4th lights equipment from the Euphini expance.

    Ships in formation: TSN Lancer(Temp flag), Tsn Raven, Tsn Phenix, Tsn Hunter

    Debrief as follows-

    The Fleet was in transit from the Euphini expanse to Promethean command, we had made it to the Danae system when we were hailed by TSN Command and diverted to DS224,we had actually missed the initial Text only transmission and had to double back to DS224.
    Once on station we were told of a lost mining ship last seen entering sector 8 of the Danae system and told to investigate,
    The fleet moved to sector 8 were it spread out in extended line formation (Formation Fox 1) to sweep the sector in one pass,
    grid delta 3 held an identified object, closer inspection by TSN Hunter revealed it was the hull of a Ximni class of ship.

    Shortly after the identification of the hull system messages identified a unauthorized uplink had been established from the hull to all the vessels in the fleet, this trigger system failures fleet wide,
    Ships were ordered away from the hull and to intact repairs as soon as possible,

    Once clear of the Ximni hull a fleet of Ximni vessels appeared out of jump space,
    TSN Lancer sent communication back to Command and control seeking information on current status with the Ximni race,

    (insert captains log excerpt – 9023750 Jemel Eahain)
    We had not long moved out of range of the hull when several fleets on Ximni ships appeared from jump space, it was a very strange feeling on the lancer bridge at first it was wow lots of red contacts on sensors prepare for combat, then Lt jr Donovan id’ed the contacts as Ximni vessels and that we had previously worked besides them, this brought on some very tense moments as I had to distribute orders not to directly attack the Ximni vessels but defend your ship if you come under attack while I got on the horn to Command and control and seek further information,
    yeah the IFF shown them as red so all systems are happy he should attack but at the same time we have worked with the Ximni I didn’t want to be the one to start a rift with them over dodgy IFF signals
    (Close excerpt )

    The fleet received information back that the Ximni were to be considered hostile and destroyed.

    (insert captains log excerpt – 9023751 Jemel Eahain)
    we got orders to destroy the Ximni ships, it didn’t feel right, the fighters were chasing us around but they were a bit light flys round a lion, the main Ximni ships just seemed happy to stand off and not engage, there were carriers dreadnoughts and battle ships in the Ximni fleet, I couldnt just turn on the Ximni ships and fire so I ordered Lancer to a full stop when the fighter drew closer my helms man automatically resumed maneuver gamma 2 and moved off, I had to order him to stop and disregard gamma 2, “let the fighters come” I said the faces on the bridge looked worried I can tell you, normally the crew trust me when I order hair brained maneuver to get us out of a sticky situation but this time I had them worried.
    The fighters came, the fighters engaged us, with big sigh… ordered the Ximni fleets destruction,
    I later regretted not ordering all ships to try get surrenders over total destruction of the Ximni ships.
    Force above help me if I have just started a new confict.
    (Close excerpt )

    TSN lancer went to a full stop to draw in Ximni fighter so gauge there intention, once the fighters engaged lancer the fleet was ordered to destroy the Ximni ships in the sector.

    Once the ximni were destroyed or showing surrendered the 4th light received new orders to move to Atlantis system and report to the closest command outpost,
    We moved off to the new destination, only a couple of random pirates were encountered en route to the Atlantis system

    End Debrief.

    Blaze Strife

    //A debrief? Nice! Thanks!

    Matthew Vaj

    // Indeed. I approve.

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