Maurice Allard

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    Maurice Allard

    Name: Allard, Maurice C
    DOB: 01252214
    POB: Indian Engineering Corp. Research Station 3005-B (Boom Room Station), Planet L12wF (New Concord), System F104 (Amazon B)
    Species: Homo sapiens sapien

    2214 Born on New Concord to Donald and Jesse Allard, mechanics aboard Boom Room Station.
    2217 Diagnosed with REDACTED. Behavior corrected.
    2220 Built miniature containment field for science fair. Approached by REDACTED of REDACTED Inc. Plans became proprietary knowledge.
    2222 Sent to Gus Grissom School for the Gifted on Earth. Expenses paid for by Indian Engineering Corp.
    2224 First Application to TSN Academy. Denied.
    2230 Second Application to TSN Academy. Denied.
    2232 Third Application to TSN Academy. Accepted.
    2234 Graduated TSN Academy. Approached by REDACTED of Research and Development. Assigned to REDACTED.
    2236 Transferred to 2nd Fleet 4th Light Division for career development and front-line research.
    2237 Published research on REDACTED. SEE NSD FOR PROPER CLEARANCE.

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