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    I wouldn’t worry too much about the stardates. The whole passage of time in the group is abstract anyway. We have a way to work out stardates based on the real date, but that is just for convienice and reference. Without the frame of reference, they really are just numbers that can mean anything we like. The real date just gives us a set of numbers to draw from.
    08/12/2015 (DD/MM/YYYY format) = 81215.2236
    28/05/2015 = 28515.2236
    02/07/2015 = 2715.2236
    10/04/2015 = 10415.2236
    Taken in isolation, the only bit that really is relevant is the .2236 on the end as it denotes what the USFP year is.

    We could come up with a different term for hours if needed, e.g shifts, phases, cycles. We are working in space, so I can see day and night cycles being in effect and then talking in fractions of a cycle or something, e.g. first quarter etc. Hours days weeks months and years is very much bound to our own planet. Would the species you have created use the same concepts? How would an aquatic species measure the passage of time? What of their world spins differently on its axis… would there be night and day? What then would be a more universal measure of time for all species?


    Good question.

    Being Amphibious they’d be close to both coasts and the water.
    I actually imagine their home-world being larger than Earth, oceanic, but covered with small islands and archipelagos. It’s in the Human ‘goldiocks zone’ in it’s system, so it’s otherwise the same (Character note: And also how a Human oceanographer would end up wanting to um…be with a Gregorian, in the first place lol.). It simply orbits a slighty hotter/bigger class G star.

    With that in mind they’d spend most of their water time, closer to the surface, and anyone who goes swimming knows the sea has it’s own colour changes based on light, as well as depth. Mix that in with the ability to see a changing sky, they’d start to associate the said colours/shades as time. (Side note: Pressure and temperature changes would then start to equate to distance units.)
    In their chants-speech, this is expressed by a slightly faster rhythm during the ‘day’, and a slower one during the ‘night’.

    Wow, I could go on. But I won’t bore you any further today.

    Fish Evans

    Given how long it took Humanity to define Prime Meridian I suspect that there are probably several different measures in use, we are after all only a mear ~215 years ahead of now. I did have a rather abstract and strange audio clip planned. I had the thought of playing it on the jump into euphine, sort of a shared hallucination. for a few reason (time, worry over confusion and understanding for some of our non-native English speakers. It never went past the planing stage… anyway here it is in all its unedited, unrefined and mostly un-spellchecked glory:

    “Each and every unbalanced jump shares its risk for a breif spluttering moment the ship and its crew is nether here nor there a measurement of time so small that the universe pretends dosent happen, however for the people in transit the time is both over at once and lasts long seconds. the strange emotional, and ocational shared thoughts of those participating in the jump are one reason gate travel at stabilized points is strongly preferred over the raw energy’s of a un focused point. Some jump participants have distinctly recalled hearing the sound of the universe changing from one moment to the next, the moment that the ship is no longer at A but becomes into existance at B. the theroy goes something like this: time proceeds linieraly and on a clasical scale continuously like water over a waterfall, however as you look closer and closer you realize that things like quantum probibilty are hard to explain and it becomes easyer to describe time in steps. Thefore the cosmic quantum tick is defined as the period of time it takes for the smallest posible thing to happen to happen. its the time it takes for a quantum wave form to colapse, it is theroised it is also the time it takes for the universe to be destroyed in the then and rebuilt in the now.

    —insert strange sounds and a classical “Tick” sound of a clock—

    Needless to say natural Jump point travel should only be performed by those that need to or those with a strong psychological state.”

    Leonard Hall

    Sounds like something resident jump theorist, helm officer, and ONI official Hall would say. Or any insane resident madman for that matter.


    Hour 5

    Sleep had overcome Solari quickly, almost the instant he’d entered the aquarium.

    He hadn’t the fondest idea that he’d been almost a display for some of the evacuees, whose own data tablets had been overwhelmed by the TSN’s priority and needs. Human relied on their mobile devices a tad too much for his liking, anyways.

    But he wasn’t dreaming about that. For some reason, he was dancing around a fire, and primitive drums. Was the drumming getting louder?

    The aquarium vibrated everything inside the water as if someone had rang a quiet bell over ones head in atmosphere. Jolted, Solari woke up, scaring the small fish away from resting in his head tendrils.
    Again the aquarium vibrated with another thud. He used his hands to shift 180 and face the plasti-glass. The doctor from the medbay was looking to pounce on the window again, when Solari gave a deep whale-sounding, “Stop!”

    It took the doctor and some of the surrounding evacuees aback. Solari blinked and looked around embarrassingly, whilst thinking ~Well, now know how I feel.~ He simply gave a Human-like shrug.

    Pointing upwards, the doctor climbed the maintenance hatch ladder, and was joined head to head by Solari, still in the water, careful to not tread too much with his still injured leg.

    Sleep seemed to be something the Doctor sorely needed, but he sighed saying. “Sorry about the knocking Lieutenant. Only way to get your attention. How’s the leg?”

    Solari nodded. “Feels better in the water sir.”

    A small chuckle came from the doctor. “Doesn’t it.” He seemed to look past the half-human for a moment. “Well, looks like it was a good call. We got in touch with the Xeno-biologist, and basically recommended the same thing. Keeping your leg immobile in water pressure.” He looked back at his data tablet. “Actually we should be using something similar with pure Humans as well, just um, with a breathing apparatus.” He flipped open a new window. “Right. Treatment…Ah, looks like all we need is to let you do this on and off for a week or so, and your body should regenerate cartilage on it’s own. Gregorians. Tough species.”

    Solari looked down into the water, the back up. “Perhaps. But we’re nothing without access to this liquid. What is the saying, it’s our Hercules Abdomen?”

    Another chuckle from the doctor. “Achilles Heel, Mister Solari. Speaking of which…” He put away his tablet, and brought up a short cane. “…you’re going to need this for a while as well. And your first test will be to report back into your division. Wounded or not, we’re still on alert.” He left the cane crosswise along the aquariums circular top, and started to climb back down.

    Being reminded of the Hydra gave Solari a chill for a moment. He looked over to the cane and hum-sighed. Time to face reality, with a limp.


    I am liking these stories. I’ll get these posted up tomorrow (unless there is more to add before you finish, in which case I can hang on). They are starting to get little nuggets of information across too e.g the data tablets. Its exactly what we are wanting.

    On side note, data tablet size is being increased slightly (it was set at 9″ originally. I might figure out some more exact specs in terms of size, but just for a quick reference, the screen is increasing by a couple of inches). It has no impact on the story you have written though.

    Great work and keep it up. At some point I’ll get back to writing more specifics about the universe (much of my focus has shifted to the Sandbox, initially so we could use it, but now to quickly expand it further).


    I was a day short this week for writing. :/ PAX Prime is nearly in full swing here in Seattle, so it’s heaps busy. But I will be on for Saturday; one of the benefits from living several blocks away downtown.

    Aye, attempting to finally push in whatever ‘canon’ you’re giving out. But I’m still making things up as I go along; Like I don’t know how advanced the medical tech is, so I’m still writing it vague-ish, like Babylon 5 was.

    I was planning on writing hour 7 tomorrow my time, but then I realised I actually don’t know where the ex-Hyrda (or my character) crew are going to be stationed come the next duty (day) shift. Should have asked you all about that first. Doh. But then that’d be a minor spoiler eh.

    So, feel free to post as is sir. Shorter is better than nothing.

    Oh, and I hope I’m not scaring any regular player into attempting to write a log? That’s still my main goal in all of this. But whatever, I’ll keep writing anyways.


    Hmm. Did my short story not go through? Do I need to re-write something?

    I’ll just a write a duty log later this week, since we didn’t do much with the ‘Pirate EW’. (Assuming last weeks get posted.)
    And I’ll explain how the Hydra went from, we got destroyed and evacuated in life pods (in game), to being repaired. Should be easy enough. Imagination works wonders.


    I am afraid I had a much busier few days than I was expecting!


    Understood FCap’n. I’d post these myself, if I were able. Not keen on someone else having to do something for me, when they have heaps more to do. Especially for a volunteer game. I reckon I’ve got the hang of the number stardates now, thanks to your information. Been rather dodgy with them before.

    Oh, that does lead to my big question for the week: What year is it exactly? I noticed the few stories on the ‘official forum’ from 2014 dated 2236 and ones from Feb/Mar ’15 dated 2237. I was using 2237 as my template. So, I logically concluded it’s a year for a year transition. But it’s sounding as if not. (Always bothers me when a year doesn’t change for say like 3+ years of real life time. Stuff happens, times change.)
    Stardate: 9115.2237
    Duty Log, Lieutenant junior Solari, TSN Hydra BC-016, 4th LD

    Didn’t believe I was going to be putting this ship name on my logs for a long time, if ever again. TSN Engineers are, what is the phrase, sorcerous workers? Whatever it is, instead of facing the wrath of her Captain, I was instead, back aboard her bridge, albeit in shambles. Some quick thinking Destroyer commander had tractor beamed the salvageable wreck before the pirates could swarm upon her hull. To whomever that was, my personal thanks. I’m liking those destroyers more and more.

    Back to the Hydra though. The Fleet Captain had her brought along with the Raven, into service again, ahead of repairs. Battle repairs indeed. For a ship over one day from having been abandoned, she was rushed back into the evacuation of the Cerebus sector.
    Defence and escort were the orders of the day. Our Captain however, was perhaps feeling vengeful? Hard to tell, since Human vocal speech does not have the full range of emotion I’m used to. At first we were on the offensive, along with escorting passenger liners evacuating multiple stations. If it hadn’t been from command and control reminding her that a station was still awaiting the liners, I think we might have actually had civilian loses in the thousands. The stress is affecting all of us, even our commanding officers.
    Note: A lone TSN scout ship can not evacuate a station of that size. I’ll never forget that lesson the Captain had made for us.

    But all is still not well. For every positive gain with the tide, the undertow is, as always, taking more away. The TSN had another ship wrecked, and the Hydra quickly picked up her life pods. After that, the division as a whole began to experience a complete shutdown of most of our external sensors and tablet functions. Pirate Electronic Warfare, according to higher ups. Our mission was cut short, and we had to retreat on autos. The Human expression of an appendage between our legs comes to mind; something to do with a domesticated animal.

    The last few hours have seen us in simulations again. Morale is low. My hopes are still with the Arvonian peace talks, should they still be ongoing. Nothing is ever easy though.

    End duty Log.
    Addendum: Recent talk amongst the division has been the TSN ships lack of weapon arc coverage and overall capacity; especially after a simulation against ships of extreme power, and our dependence on having to use black holes as if they are our personal rubbish bins for aggressive ships. Seems odd ships would be suicidal enough to go on an obvious course through one in the first place, taunted or not. Well unless they’re the *redacted*. Needs further studies.

    Personal Log:
    If I was having doubts about being a weapons officer, then they may be fading to the background fast. Science is still a passion of mine. But with events as they are…
    Well, firepower seems to be demand now.

    Recovery goes well. Walking out of the water with this cane, has been interesting. It shall still be another two weeks, but I’m to continue using it while my leg regenerates in a tank. Found a use for this piece of titanium; tapping on any superior officer who asks me to be a Duty Officer again unprepared. A horrible experience, I have no desire to repeat soon.

    End Personal Log


    I must admit, I have stubbornly stuck to using 2236. I am considering officially advancing the year now though, however the Intel department did go ahead and change it already (but not on the official side!)

    As for posting them up; the first load you wrote I wanted to have the time to take a look over them before putting them up to make sure what we put out officially is of a good quality and doesn’t cause conflict with current canon and ideas. The same rules have always applied. There have been people in the past who wanted to turn up for a couple of shifts and basically write the whole law for the USFP – you may have spotted such stuff on the artemis forums – doing things their way and not serving a real purpose or following any kind of guide lines (or coordinating with others). Looking over everything you’ve written its spot on with some great details, and the patience you’ve had is a real credit. I like the way you are asking questions and checking in with ideas to discuss. It really stimulates new ideas and discussions, and this will be key in growing this department. The consistency of your writing is excellent too (you’ve kept it up for more than just a couple of posts).

    I started looking into how to tailor user permissions to allow people to post their writing without me having to do it, and when I have some spare time will get it all set up and tested properly. This process that we have used here will be the same we use for new people to our department though. Now you’ve been through it, I’ll be looking for support and encouragement when we get newer people (particularly though who may need more time before having full permissions to post). I firmly believe it will mean everything we are producing and sending out will be really high quality and engaging for anyone who reads it.


    I’ll be writing my own log again on Tuesday. Just hope I don’t create a backlog for you to deal with; They’ll be adding up at this rate.

    Speaking of newer people though, Matsiyan messaged me:
    How do you get your logs published? I have sent a couple to Xavier and not had a response.
    Any tips?

    It sounds as if he could use an invite to this group, if he’s been writing. He’s already got one written from the last duty shift, that he just sent me a copy of, as I’m writing this.

    • This reply was modified 8 years, 7 months ago by Solari. Reason: Matsiyan seems to be writing

    Stardate: 9815.2237
    Duty Log, Lieutenant junior Solari, TSN Hydra BC-016, 4th LD

    A pirate alliance. If I wasn’t staring at the latest casualty reports, I would almost be congratulating myself for understanding why it happened.
    Like some species, Humans are not an entirely unified front. My own species once had a caste warfare, over who was in charge of our limited land. The halfs and halfs not, is the Human term? Or is it haves?

    The TSN is still struggling overall. Two of the fourth division ships went after the flagship of this so-called alliance. Our only triumph so far. I only hope they got the General leading them. But I doubt things are so easy or simple.

    And such it was, the events of the Pirates coalition ship being destroyed, caused ripples on the water, as most do. We were once again called to alert. I’m happy to report my fellow Lt.jr Fulvus once again took the weapons console. I needed to re-calibrate my data tablet for the still under-repair Science station as it was. Having a bad leg didn’t help either.
    Ships of every make, save Arvonian, which is a good sign, showed up on our floor step? Something step. We did have orders not to destroy the N’Tani, but they left us little choice. Again, not all species take on a single harmonious front.
    We lost two research stations, but managed to evacuate the sector successfully, with minimal losses. If calling another retreat is successful.

    It was during our final withdrawal that I noticed a radiological alert on the Hydras sensors, as we swept the nebula for any stragglers.
    Let’s see if this information isn’t entirely restricted anymore. Moments later a Caltron ship appeared.
    As if things couldn’t get worse. It was dispatched easily though, and we reported the temporary radioactivity prior to it showing up. It was odd, but a key piece of information.
    However, we had not the time to study the findings, as once again yet another sector came under attack.

    I barely remember much of what happened. My webbed hands danced over every sensor contract I could see, identifying the masses of ships converging on three of our stations. The Pheonix and Hydra were in one group. Again, perhaps anger or a bad bloodlust was with the Hydra, but we made a poor showing of ourselves, having been almost overwhelmed yet again. Our offence was great, no doubt, but our defence? No. We failed, dearly.
    Selona station and all of her five thousand crew were lost. The one clear part of that debacle that still stands out in my mind. I called out the station was under attack. Then that her shields were critical. And then…it was just gone from sensors. We didn’t even dock when we had orders to evacuate whom we could.
    What shocks me is that no one on our bridge seemed to care at that moment. I hope they didn’t know someone on that station.

    We had a few more Caltron interruptions. The division noted that they did not target any surrendered pirate coalition forces that passed them. I theorise it may be the surrendered status, not any kind of pact.
    I did manage to record a brief artificial singularity near Cerberus command, along with the now usual radiological alert. The fact that they can appear almost anywhere is…discomforting. Yet these seem more like scouting probes than any aggressive movement on their part.
    Let’s hope it stays that way. We don’t need yet another front in this retreating action.

    End Duty Log

    Personal Log:

    Before the attacks occurred the Hydra and the remaining crews did more simulations. We needed them because of the fresh influx of…hmm…odd cadets. Perhaps it’s the losses we’ve been taking, but the newest officers seem to be in a hurry and quick to rush into what they think is the optimal course of action.
    Disappointed would be my reaction. Especially since Lt.Cdr Verok seemed to encourage one in particular on the Hydra. We don’t need internal contradictions from subordinates at a time like this. Again, it may just be the stress getting to us though.
    Still. Hearing a cadet on the bridge complain that escorting an evacuation ship is taking too long to get to a destination? Unacceptable. I was actually quite serious that the cadet take an airlock out. We don’t need uncaring officers, especially ones who seem to think like pirates might.

    Side note: I took helm and did not crash the ship in a simulation. Oddly invigorating. I actually didn’t mind it so much. Conflict makes for, what do Humans call it…strange bunkmates?
    Now, back to the water tank to heal and contemplate.

    End Personal Log


    Been a hectic week. Why does everyone come out of the woodwork after summer wanting help. Tip: Spending nine hours making three ships for someone’s Rogue Trader campaign is only fun, if you get free food and beer. 😛
    Oh, Jemel, if you get the time…Purple Heart if you please sir.

    That brings up a side note: Maybe we need some way to count multiple awards? Or perhaps just a few more awards? Recognising people for what they do OOC-[Out of Character] (like the recruiting idea one, and the one for people making PR videos, etc are good starts.), and perhaps IC-[In Character] are great ways beyond promotions to encourage activity, eh?
    Stardate: 17915.2237
    Duty Log, Lieutenant junior Solari, Unassigned, 4th LD

    And so ends the stream of the TSN Hydra. No second chances. Her black box was recovered and a radiation cloud lingers. May her particles drift in the vastness of space forever. Better than the pirates boarding and capturing her…but still.

    It’s only been a few days, but as Humans might say, everything has gone to below the earth, in a breadbasket. Something like that.
    Simulations were par for the course yesterday. As usual. We have an armada at our doorstep and we seem to do more training then I had at the Academy? But perhaps it’s for the best. Somehow, the Pirate alliance has managed to bring in more ships, take over our old stations and mine the area in record time. Like waves still crashing about the shore after a tsunami.

    We had one job yesterday. Head back into our old sectors and destroy a transport convoy. Four ships. Seemed a perfect dive, if we became like the Terran Barracuda, instead of the Shark.
    In fact it was, for the first sector. The division managed to make good use positioning and only had to deal with a few patrols, and strangely enough a Caltron once again just…observing? We avoided the main force, and headed to the next sector.
    We arrived to see an entire minefield keeping us from a direct run. I was only too happy to see Fulvus back on Weapons, as I took Science. We had to find a pin in a clothes-stack, as the Human expression might go. Nothing but red IFF’s all over sensors.
    So, we went around the minefield, keeping all four ships together. Sensors found the three transports behind the seemingly endless waves of alliance ships. In Gregorian, we would call this moment the rising of the bubble, before it bursts. Humans might say something that makes even more sense, the calm before the tempest.
    We had one take, to do a hit and swim on them and leave. We did that objective, to the divisions credit, but failed in the execution. Miserably.
    For the Hydras part, we did what we usually did…took on enemy ships. On my sensors I saw two of the transports slowly moving away towards the safety of their numerous ships, un-molested. By the time the division had caught upon them, they had made the safety of net. Again though, the division did the job. The transports were taken care of. But our ships were outgunned and outnumbered. We didn’t swim away. The Hydra went down making what I’ve researched to be a Kamikaze mine run the pirate alliance ships. The outcome has already been recorded.
    We survivors spent the rest of the mission picked up by the TSN Hawk, and watching our almost routed retreat. The Raven and the Hunter took serious damage, and were almost destroyed themselves.

    But they warped their way out, against incredible odds. Still, the price was a tad too deep for such a trivial objective. It had better have been worth it.

    End Duty Log.

    Personal Log:

    Seems I’m going to be recovering in a tank for longer than I thought. Medical just scanned me again; another rupture of my leg cartilage. Note to escape pod designers, add more cushions, perhaps? Actually maybe I need one filled with water, just for myself. Wishful thinking.

    The Hydra was a good example of what happens when a ship has a few non-regular bridge officers coming and going. And like a school of fish, it’s not good when individual ones aren’t used to the currents; the whole are then easy prey.

    Ever since we returned from Expanse, the Hydra had no serving Helms officer, or Engineer. The Captain…well she’s a busy person it seems. Our XO was basically it most of the time. Lt junior Fulvus pulled double-duty as the Engineer, when he was usually around, and I would take weapons. The three of us were a sight to see as we were a crew. But with two bridge officers never the same person twice, we’d be re-setting our teamwork and co-ordination. Especially a pilot and an engineer, two key roles that need to be in-sync with the Captain.

    I am not making excuses though. But to be honest…perhaps I should have been more vocal about retreating, from the view I had at science station. Perhaps, I finally understand what Humans refer to as ‘behind-sight’?

    We’re going to hold a quick burial at space ceremony for those who didn’t make it into the escape pods from the Hydra. Afterwards, I’ll be awaiting whatever the currents will flow into, for orders. Perhaps, if I’m fated, I’ll transfer to a new ship.
    Whatever happens, I’ll say this for those we lost. Hail Hydra.

    End Personal Log.

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